To say Suella Braverman is not afraid to make waves would be a colossal understatement.

The Home Secretary defines herself as a pragmatic, plain-speaking, often provocative voice of the Tory Right.

As a result, her political pronouncements frequently offend liberal sensibilities. Yet she reflects views that are widely held by people beyond Westminster – and especially among those who might vote Conservative at the next election.

This time, Mrs Braverman has got the metropolitan elite frothing at the mouth by stoking up a war with police leaders over their handling of demonstrations.

There was, she wrote in a newspaper article, a perception that senior officers ‘play favourites’ when it came to protesters. A double standard existed – with police treating Left-wing rallies much more leniently than Right-wing ones.

To say Suella Braverman is not afraid to make waves would be a colossal understatement

To say Suella Braverman is not afraid to make waves would be a colossal understatement

To say Suella Braverman is not afraid to make waves would be a colossal understatement

Cogent as her points clearly were, for the Home Secretary to accuse chief constables of blatant bias was incendiary. But can anyone say with a straight face she was wrong?

Mrs Braverman simply articulated what every dog on the street already knew: that infected by wokery, our police forces have increasingly abandoned the neutrality they once jealously guarded.

Her intervention came against the backdrop of Met Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley giving the green light to Saturday’s Armistice Day pro-Palestinian march through London.

If he has no intelligence there will be serious disorder, this is the right decision.

Yes, it is inflammatory and offensive that the organisers have stubbornly refused to move the event from November 11. They know this is an affront to decency.

However, the Glorious Dead we honour sacrificed their lives for our freedom – a cornerstone of which is the right to protest.

But while the Left portrays these rallies as entirely peaceful, that is risible twaddle.

Too often they have descended into an orgy of anti-Semitism. Marchers have glorified the massacre of more than 1,400 Jews by Hamas. Demonstrators have attacked poppy sellers and desecrated war memorials. These are surely serious crimes.

Yet the police have stood idly by – and scandalously ripped down posters of Hamas’s hostage victims themselves.

As Mrs Braverman writes, would they have been so supine if confronted with a far-Right mob intimidating a minority community? The answer is no.

And why, she asks, did the police cheerfully humour Black Lives Matter demonstrators who gathered in huge numbers during Covid, while coming down like a ton of bricks on anti-lockdown protesters?

These are important questions – and deserve answers. The police should act without fear or favour. Yet officers increasingly seem to be picking sides.

This can only undermine public trust – dangerously weakening society’s bonds.

Predictably, the liberal establishment have had a fit of the vapours at Mrs Braverman’s criticisms of the police.

Most preposterously, they accuse her of undermining the operational independence of the police. She has done no such thing.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper and Labour’s London mayor Sadiq Khan were among the quickest to berate her.

But neither possessed such scruples when they tore a strip off Scotland Yard when officers dragged young women away from the vigil for Sarah Everard.

The reason Mrs Braverman has provoked such wild opposition is that she is criticising a shibboleth of many of our institutions – that of toxic identity politics.

Scenting blood, the Home Secretary’s enemies have urged Rishi Sunak to sack her. That would be harsh on a politician who has simply injected common sense into the policing debate. He should resist.

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