More than 300,000 packages of frozen children’s pasta are being recalled because they could cause a fatal allergic reaction.

Fairmont Foods is asking customers to return 147,000lbs of its kidfresh Spaghetti Loops with Meat Sauce product sold nationwide.

A routine inspection found the product contains egg, which is not mentioned on the label but can cause anaphylaxis in those who have an allergy.

At least one customer has already reported an adverse reaction after eating the pasta, although they recovered.

The above item is being recalled, with customers being offered a full refund

The above item is being recalled, with customers being offered a full refund

Thirty-three million Americans have an egg allergy, studies suggest — including nearly one in 50 children, among whom the allergy is most common.

Sufferers who consume eggs can face hives, itching and a skin rash in more mild cases.

But in severe reactions, they can suffer anaphylaxis — when the immune system overreacts and causes breathing and circulatory problems. This can be fatal.

The US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) ordered the recall after the label error was revealed.

Fairmont Foods detected the label error during a routine review of its products, the company said.

Their pasta supplier had recently changed their formula, they said, to one that included egg — but the label was not updated.

The mislabeled Kidfresh spaghetti loops were made between December 2022 and August 2023.

They were sold in three US states: Georgia, Indiana and Texas.

Affected products can be identified by their ‘best if used by’ date ranging from April to December 2024 printed on the side of the box.

They also carry the lot codes: FF120722, FF011823, FF021623, FF032323, FF042623, FF071923, or FF081023.

Customers are being urged to throw away the frozen pasta immediately or to return them to stores for a full refund.

Patients with egg allergies face their immune system spinning into overreaction when they consume the protein.

It is not clear what causes the allergies, but it has previously been linked to genetics and living in a more polluted environment.

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