Stephen A. Smith has rarely been one to stick to sport but he expanded his topics of conversation into a new area on Thursday as he gave sex tips to his followers on social media.

Replying to fan questions on social media, Stephen A. really did prove that no topic was out of bounds in a Q&A as part of his YouTube show.

One fan asked him what the best meal before sex is, to which the 56-year-old said: ‘Ok, first of all water, no alcohol.

‘I would tell you a salad. You don’t want your stomach heavy before you try and get down, you know what I’m saying? It’ll bring you down and prevent you from getting up to the degree that you want to get up.

‘You don’t want spicy foods either. It can mess with your stomach. You don’t want stomach problems when you’re trying to get excited. So I would tell you a nice salad. 

Stephen A. Smith has been giving sex tips out to his followers across social media

Stephen A. Smith has been giving sex tips out to his followers across social media

Stephen A. Smith has been giving sex tips out to his followers across social media 

‘But you know what the best thing to do? Protein drink. Protein drink but not something that is going to lay in your stomach. And water because your ant the blood circulating in all the right places at all the right times.’

Then, in a follow-up question from a different follower, Smith told his fans not to get it on when it’s a Sunday night.

‘Sunday night, the worst time. Chances are people have got to work Monday mornings and the week hasn’t started yet.

‘You want to relax, wind down and enjoy the end of the weekend before you get into the hustle of the week. I’m assuming you are going to do what you are ghoing to do several times a week but the worst time is a Sunday.

‘The best time is a Friday and Saturday night. She is looking to go out in most instances. And you go out and have a wonderful evening then she is looking to close, Friday and Saturday night is the best. Sunday is the worst.

‘During the week, take it or leave it based on your mood.’

Smith is not married and never has been. He has spoken openly before – on his same YouTube show – about his happiness at living a single life. 

‘I’m 55 years old, I’ve never been married and I’m happy about it,’ he said in an episode back in October. It’s not the most popular thing to say.’

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