Katie, 27 

Weight can creep on easily

When I was pregnant with my first baby, Eva, I threw myself into preparing for her arrival – including eating for two. My partner and I owned an old-fashioned sweet shop and yes, I scoffed cola bottles and chocolates by the jar. After she was born, I realised eating for two had taken a toll – I was 16st 10lb. I wanted to lose the weight and be a strong, healthy mum.



Name: Katie 

Weight loss: 4st 9lb

Was: 16st 10lb 

Now: 12st 1lb 

Age: 27

Height: 5’9.5″ 

How long it took: 2 years 6 months 


Your supporters will motivate you

My mum, Deborah, had been a Weight Watchers Leader for 21 years, so I was in safe hands. I started the plan, making healthier choices and cooking Weight Watchers recipes. We began going for walks, too. At first, my legs chafed and I was out of breath, but having a walking buddy motivated me to keep going. Be sure to do a good warm-up before you go out and some leg stretches afterwards.

Do things the healthy way

When I discovered I was pregnant again, I had already learned the importance of cooking from scratch, rather than relying on takeaways. I also limited the amount of sweet treats I ate. When Indie was born, I was eager to start Weight Watchers straight away to lose the baby weight, but my family encouraged me to recover from the birth first.

Try new ideas

Despite my efforts to stay on track, I weighed more than 16st again. But, I’d lost weight before and I knew I could do it again. For me, the No Count approach worked a treat – as a busy mum, not having to weigh and measure ingredients was a handy time-saver. It took me nine months to get to goal and when I did, I burst into tears.





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