The Pirola and Eris Covid variants are two strains of the virus that have been circulating in recent months.

Eris, a descendant of the Omicron variant, emerged in the UK over the summer and was first classified as a variant by the World Health Organization (WHO) on August 9th.

Pirola, another sub-variant of Omicron, was first detected in the UK on August 18th.

An aching body is listed as one of the symptoms of Covid by the NHS, but more specifically, Dr Bruno Silvester Lopes, a lecturer in microbiology at Teesside University, details muscle pain as a sign.

Dr Lopes, who has a research interest in pathogens, said: “Back and shoulder pains are common and can be regarded as symptoms along with other regular symptoms that occur during Covid.

“It can indicate an early sign of Covid, unless you have previous health conditions that lead to back and shoulder pains.”

The professor added: “Pirola and Eris variants can lead to mild or severe fatigue and shoulder joint pain. So it may indicate infection by these covid variants.”

Muscle pain from Covid can occur in the neck, knee, hip and shoulder points, according to Dr Lopes.

But he noted: “If the normal Covid symptoms for eg: fever and chills, congested chest, loss of smell or taste are common and if general fatigue is present then it is likely that it is Covid related.”

Are Eris and Pirola dangerous?

The WHO has said the public health risk posed by Eris is low.

Pirola has been noted as having many genetic differences from previous versions of COVID-19.

As the variant has more mutations it may be more likely to cause breakthrough infections – when infections occur in people who are fully vaccinated.

There is no evidence yet to suggest it’s more dangerous.

But as always, it’s important people get their vaccines to prevent serious illness from any variant.

If you or your child has symptoms, stay at home, and go back to normal activities when you feel better.

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