Victoria Beckham’s Flat Belly Proves Her Workout Really Works – Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer, always looks impeccable and fit. The mom of four, whose husband, David Beckham, just joined the Inter Miami MLS soccer team, is known to be strict about her diet, eating mostly fish, vegetables, salads, nuts, and seeds. But she also works out to stay in shape and gave fans a glimpse of her routine.

She recently posted an Instagram story sharing her performing a standing cable crunch in a remote session alongside her daughter Harper, 12. “Remote work out with @mrbobbyrich,” the 49-year-old captured the sweet video. “Check out my little gym partner on the cable machine!!! #harperseven,” the proud mom added. Here’s everything to know about the standing cable crunch and why it’s such a great exercise, according to fitness expert and ACE-certified personal trainer TJ Mentus, who explains how it can work for you.


For a tight and strong core, the standing cable crunch is a move recommended by fitness trainers. “The standing cable crunch targets the rectus abdominis,” Mentus explains. “In addition, it can also work the deeper core stabilizing muscles. To engage the core more and get the most out of the movement, focus on a strong exhale as your crunch down and a deep breath as you return.”


The standing cable crunch is a great move to strengthen your core and help develop lean muscle. “This exercise is effective for training the abdominals because it forces them to move an external load rather than just using the body as resistance as with many ab exercises,” Mentus tells us. “The abs are also isolated, which will help prevent other muscle groups from compensating so they are performing all of the work. Lastly, by performing a crunch while standing like this, you can get more range of motion, increasing the contraction and activation of the abs.”

Victoria Beckham/Instagram

As with any workout, proper form is vital to help get the most out of the exercise and prevent injury. “Make sure not to hinge at the hips as you perform the movement,” Mentus emphasizes. “Keep legs and hips extended, and only tuck your chest towards your belly button as you crunch, rounding the upper back. Only use a weight you can control and move through a full range of motion. You do not want to have to aggressively jerk the weight to move it, and control the weight as you raise it back up. Think about pulling the ribs down towards your hips with each crunch.”


When doing a standing cable crunch, avoiding this one mistake is key. According to Mentus, “One of the most common mistakes is using too much of the arms and upper body rather than engaging and focusing on the core driving the movement. Avoid letting the weight yank you back upwards; always have full control throughout the exercise. This is not an exercise to use a lot of weight with.”


To get results, here’s how many reps are recommended. “If going for normal tempo reps, I recommend 4-5 sets of 15-20 reps,” Mentus says. “If we incorporate eccentrics (slow control of the muscle lengthening portion of the movement, in this instance, the return), I recommend 2-4 sets of 5-8 reps.”

Maintaining her fit figure reminiscent of her popstar days, Beckham’s fitness routine revolves around a balanced approach. She prioritizes a health-conscious diet, beginning her days with apple cider vinegar and lemon water, and embracing fish-rich meals for their omega-3 benefits. Daily green smoothies form part of her mornings, and her commitment to exercise is evident through regular morning runs and hour-long sessions with a personal trainer. Once guided by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, she emphasizes certain muscle groups, like arms, legs and core, when working out. “When I dress in a certain way and do my hair and makeup in a certain way, it’s not to get attention. I’m not a supermodel. I make the best of what I’ve got. I work out to look the best that I can,” she once said.

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