Anthony Miranda Head- Eye Injury: How It Happened

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Anthony Miranda Head- Eye Injury: How It Happened

Anthony Miranda Head- Eye Injury: How It Happened - Anthony Miranda has been the subject of interest after allegedly shooting Jose Roberto Zelaya Mira

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Anthony Miranda Head- Eye Injury: How It Happened – Anthony Miranda has been the subject of interest after allegedly shooting Jose Roberto Zelaya Miranda in the head over the weekend. Miranda, who is 36 years old and from New Bedford, has been arrested and is being held without bail in connection with the fatal shooting. He has been charged with manslaughter and also faces several other charges, including carrying a loaded illegal firearm, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of an unlawful firearm.

The police have reported that Anthony Miranda, Luis Colon-Delgado (42 years old), and Jose Pagan (23 years old) were all involved in a bar fight that started inside the Riverside Sports Bar and Restaurant located on Rodman Street.

The prosecution alleges that after the fight moved outside, Zelaya tried to help a bouncer break it up, and then Miranda, Colon-Delgado, and Pagan attacked him. This allegedly led to Miranda shooting Zelaya in the head.

Further details about the incident are not yet available, but it appears that the investigation is ongoing. As more information becomes available, we will keep you updated.

Anthony Miranda Head- Eye Injury

Anthony Miranda attempted to rob an ultimate fighting champion on the Southwest Side on Friday night, but instead received two black eyes and a gunshot wound to the ankle. Miranda, a convicted felon, made the wrong choice when he approached a parked car between 55th and Kenneth around 11:30 pm and asked the driver, who is named Justin and is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds, for a lighter. It appears that Justin was able to defend himself and fought back against Miranda’s robbery attempt, resulting in Miranda’s injuries.

A mixed martial artist from Des Plaines claimed that his training, not brute force, enabled him to disarm an alleged mugger who had a loaded revolver pointed at his chest on Friday night on the Southwest Side. The fighter, who chose not to reveal his last name, emphasized the importance of training in self-defense, stating that it can make the difference between life and death.

Despite his success in defending himself, the fighter stated that he does not consider himself a hero. However, the contrast between the fighter’s unscathed face and Miranda’s damaged and scarred face is a clear indication of who emerged victorious from the altercation.

How It Happened

Miranda, a 24-year-old with a prior felony conviction, was ordered to be held on a bond of $350,000 after a hearing at the courthouse on 26th and California on Sunday. Miranda is accused of aggravated discharge of a firearm and armed robbery in connection with an alleged assault. The police stated that Miranda accidentally shot himself in the ankle while handling the gun.

Justin, who claims to be from Romania, eagerly recounted the incident that occurred at around 11:30 pm while he waited in his parked car for a friend. Justin was adamant that no photographs be taken during the interview, not even of his torso.

According to Justin, Miranda approached him and asked to use his lighter for a cigarette. When Justin informed him that he does not smoke, Miranda took out a revolver from her purse and pressed it to his head.

Justin alleged that Miranda was not satisfied with the $30 cash that he had concealed in the cup holder of his car. Subsequently, Miranda demanded that Justin exit the vehicle at gunpoint.

Justin claimed that he feared for his life as Miranda pointed the weapon at his chest, believing that he was about to be shot. However, Justin managed to perform a quick and effective maneuver that incapacitated his assailant.

When a reporter asked Justin to demonstrate the move, he obliged and showed how he had successfully subdued Miranda. Justin held onto Miranda until the police arrived on the scene.[1]

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