Joss Stone And Cody DaLuz Kids: How Many Are They?

Joss Stone And Cody DaLuz Kids details – Shackelton Stone is still a young child, so it is too early to talk about his professional destiny. In spite of this, her kids are growing up regularly, and it will be interesting to watch if they decide to adopt their mother’s habits.

Hence, it is safe to say that Joss Stone is not pregnant recently with her third child. When she is ready to welcome another kid with her partner, the singer will inform her fans about her pregnancy.

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Joss Stone And Cody DaLuz Kids: How Many Are They?

Apart from being a great singer & songwriter, Joss Stone is equally a great and doting mother who embraces motherhood.

Alongside her boyfriend Cody DaLuz, she has welcomed two kids into her life. Joss Stone’s first child is a daughter named Violet Melissa who was born on January 29th, 2021.

Likewise, she welcomed her second child, a son named Shackleton Stoker DaLuz on October 18th, 2022.

While Joss was pregnant with her son, Shackleton, she announced her pregnancy to the public via Instagram in April 2022 and fans were extremely excited to meet her son. 

However, Joss Stone welcomed her son in 2022 following a miscarriage in 2021 which was an extremely painful and heartbreaking moment for her.

But with the arrival of her son, Shackleton Stoker DaLuz, her pain faded away and she shared in her pregnancy announcement video that there are always rainbows after storms.

Besides, despite sharing a hectic schedule, Joss Stone separates plenty of time to look after her kids, and her boyfriend, Cody, supports her equally.

Shackelton Stone is still a child, thus it is too early to speculate about his future in terms of work.

Even so, her children are developing normally, and it will be amusing to see if they choose to imitate their mother’s behaviour.

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