While having sex for the first time, the only goal is doing the deed. Eventually, you and your partner might start having the sheet-grabbing sex nearly every day. But vanilla sex does start to get mundane for everyday routine, doesn’t it? And moreover, adding a little bit of spice to the already fired up sex is always an added bonus. Heating things up a bit between you two, adding a little bit of kink or bring out your sexier persona can make it even better. Many people are afraid to add a bit of kink, which by the way is not so bad.

12 Ways To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To OMFG!

12 Ways To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To OMFG!

Sex can help you form a beautiful bond with your partner in at a really intimate level. It is never dirty. Don’t settle for the plain vanilla sex when you can demand even more from yourself and your partner. We have pulled together a few ways which can help you fire up your sex life which will make you go not just Oh but OMFG!

Use A Vibrator

The vibrator can really bring oomph to your normal vanilla sex. Using a sex toy should be something all the couples should try at least once in their sex life. Not all the guys and girls are actually comfortable with using sex toys in actual life. You don’t have to use those big and intense sex toys that people use in porn. No, we are just talking about a small vibrator. It can be used for both man and woman. Normally, men do use it on women, but girls let us tell you something, you can use it on men as well. Men love the pleasure too so don’t be selfish and think about him too.You can use it while giving a blowjob by lightly placing it under his balls. Both of you will soon get comfortable with it and then you can explore your sex life more with it. [Read: The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!]

Break Out The Oil

Oil massage and sex might definitely have been on your fantasy list but you might have just not tried it in your sex life. So it is time for you to actually try this. It will also help you both relax if things have been hectic lately. Set up the atmosphere by lighting up some fragrance candles or set up a diffuser with aroma oils and invest in either grapeseed oil or even baby oil and coconut oil will work. You’ll also need some air mattress or something of this kind which can be cleaned easily. It can lead to a hot and sensual night for you both.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Well, I think you already know what this one is about. You are right. Some of you might feel embarrassed to do it in front of the mirror. But honestly, both of you have already seen all of it so why not try this too. Men might actually like this, while women may hesitate a bit. It might feel dirty but it is actually beautifully dirty.

Get Handsy And Be Vocal

Once you start having sex and it becomes a routine, it is usually straight sex. Too many couples get into a routine and their sex life becomes plain and boring. Make it a point to talk dirty with your partner because it is actually hot. It really turns up the heat by a notch. Tell your partner how much you like it when he does something that makes you moan. Sometimes a good old hand job, lap dance or oral sex can do the trick. You can also make good use of your mouth and pleasure your partner. A tongue can really do so many things. [Read: 7 Wondrous tips to hint your crush to kiss you!]

Roughen It Up A Bit

A little bit of rough sex doesn’t harm, you know. You might hesitate thinking it might pain the other person but you can give it a try once. Don’t get too harsh. Grabbing a handful of hair while having sex is known to pleasure both men and women. But don’t yank the hair really hard as they show in the movies because then it will hurt a lot. A lot of people actually enjoy a bit of pain with pleasure while a lot may not. It is something you have to discuss with your partner.

Mutual Masturbation

12 Ways To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To OMFG!

12 Ways To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To OMFG!

Mutual masturbation can totally lit your sex life. It definitely is educational as well. Seeing what all your partner does to get himself or herself off can actually educate about your partner’s pleasure points and lets you know what you should actually do next time you have sex. Just watching each other while masturbating will get you hot and bothered. You can talk dirty to each other, seduce and tease each other. [Read: 13 secrets of female masturbation that you did not know!]

Blindfold Her/Him

To beat the monotony of your sex life you can also try blindfolding each other. Most of the women have this on their fantasy list. You don’t have to let your partner know about this. Surprise them by directly blindfolding them and then start with touching them and seducing them. Blindfolding them might take away their vision of you but it will definitely heighten their other senses and they will anticipate your every move.

Build The Anticipation

You can sometimes seduce your partner by building the anticipation. You can do this while going out. Don’t dress up fully, but just put on sexy lingerie and roam around in it for a while tempting your partner but shoo him away when he tries to touch you. It will tempt him and keep him on his toes all through the evening. When you get back home you’ll see that he will be bursting with anticipation.

Role-Play And Foreplay

Role-play can be a huge turn on for few people. You might love the character of a nurse or fireman or a doctor. You can dress up as one and surprise your partner with it. Or you can also dress up in a costume which your partner likes a lot. It will be a huge turn on for him/ her. Don’t give up on the act after surprising your partner, continue the act and play the role which you are dressed in. This will definitely spice up your sex life. [Read: 15 Most unusual sexual fetishes you probably don’t know about!]

Domination And Submission

12 Ways To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To OMFG!

12 Ways To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To OMFG!

Not everyone is a huge fan of BDSM, but you can definitely use a little kink to fire up your sex life. You don’t have to go totally into dom and sub roles. You can also go for light bondage, spanking, pulling hair, blindfolding etc. Some people also enjoy using sex toy along with bondage.

Dirty Fetishes

Many people have secret fetishes which they hardly talk about or reveal. A fetish is unique and to each their own. If you have one or if your partner has one then it can make your sex life even more exciting. For some people, it is a particular part of the body like boobs, foot, thighs or navel etc and for some, it is spanking or tearing clothes. Even though it is a small one, make use of it and you’ll see that your partner will be on cloud nine. [Read: 5 Things to consider before having a one-night stand!]

Forced Sex Fantasy

Let me tell you a secret, many women fantasize about forced sex, although they don’t talk about it. Don’t take it wrong but women do love it when men become all possessive and force themselves on her while she tries to fend him off. While guys too enjoy the gameplay. It can be a win-win situation ‘if and only if’ both of you share this kind of fantasy.

These are a few hot ideas you can use to fire up your sex life. These will also help you add that extra oomph to you already hot sex life.

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