At nine weeks in and 13.5lb down, Dan’s sights are set firmly on Goal.

“I’d been overweight for a couple of years and tried to lose weight by myself, unsuccessfully. I was at the stage where lots of my clothes didn’t fit so decided it was time for a more structured approach and joined my local Weight Watchers meeting.”

Attending my meeting every Monday is a real motivator for me. There aren’t many other male meeting members but there is a whole range of ages. Someone has always lost weight so there’s an atmosphere of anticipation and energy and a real community feel. I’ve hit my silver 7 and more recently my 5% milestone – a clap and the recognition from your fellow members spurs you on.

Your Leader is rooting for you and positive results and as you chip away at the weight loss there’s a real sense of accomplishment. When I hit my first milestone it was a great feeling of achievement and also relief – all the hard work was paying off. 

Dan’s vital statistics 

Name: Dan

Age: 33

Lost: 13.5 lb so far

As of 21/10/2014

I’m gluten intolerant so forced to follow a gluten free diet but have found this approach works well with my weight loss. I need to know exactly what is in the ingredients I’m using both from a ProPoints value and a gluten point of view so tend to cook from scratch using lots of fresh vegetables, herbs and lean cuts of meat.

Typical dinners used to be processed foods and takeaways but now my favourite dishes are a homemade Thai green curry or lean steak with salad and homemade chips.


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