A recruitment expert has been appointed by the Government to improve support at work for women going through the menopause – such as giving them more breaks or cooler offices.

Helen Tomlinson, head of talent at HR giant Adecco, was announced yesterday as the first Menopause Employment Champion. 

Her voluntary role will involve encouraging bosses to help female staff going through the menopause and so stop them leaving the workforce early.

She said: ‘Less than a quarter of UK businesses have a menopause policy, but as I take on this role, I am determined that my generation of women in work will break the menopause taboo and have confidence that their health is valued.’

Surveys suggest that as many as one in four women have considered leaving their jobs because of menopause symptoms such as hot flushes or mood swings, while those who suffer badly take 32 weeks off.

Helen Tomlinson was announced as the first Menopause Employment Champion (file image)

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