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When our main source of energy, our blood sugar (glucose), runs low, the process of metabolism turns our body fat into energy. Conversely, when our supply of blood sugar runs high, the process of metabolism stores excess energy by turning it into body fat to be used another time, or all too often, just left to sit there.

Principles of healthy weight loss

  1. Follow sensible and healthy guidelines for eating and physical activity for achieving and maintaining healthy weight.
  1. Excess weight is caused by an interaction of genetic and environmental factors, which include metabolic and behavioral components. Because of the complexity of weight loss, gain, and maintenance, needed to understand that a quick and effortless weight loss is worthless.
  1. As sedentary lifestyle is a significant barrier to successfully maintaining weight loss and preventing further weight gain, it is important to add more activity in your daily routine.
  1. Losing weight requires burning more calories than the body takes in, by either reducing caloric intake or increasing caloric expenditure, or preferably, both.

Easy way to burn calories

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One frustrating thing about trying to lose weight is the snail’s pace at which the pounds seem to drop. Then there’s the harsh reality that the more weight you lose, the harder your body fights to hold on to the calories it gets and the fewer calories it burns.

That’s usually about the time you hit the infamous weight-loss plateau and start losing steam. But what if you could turbo-charge your weight-loss efforts without a lot of sacrifice? While you work at home, you perform several activities and while doing them you burn your calories.

You don’t realize it, but working home is itself like doing exercise. You move your body and in your every move some amount of your calories burn. It’s important that you maintain a realistic expectation of what’s considered healthy weight loss.

Performing daily chores will burn fat and tone muscles, especially when done at a slightly accelerated pace. Simple chores like vacuum cleaning, sweeping, ironing, washing dishes can burn calories. So don’t worry now, as you know that you burn calories even while working home, and not necessarily have to go for gym.

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