“With Weight Watchers I never felt on a diet or restricted, just in control. If I can do it, anyone can.”

“After having my daughter, my weight had been creeping up ever since. It took the tragic death of my brother and a hard hitting comment from an old acquaintance to face the reality of my weight problem.”

I decided that Weight Watchers was for me, joined my local Weight Watchers meeting and despite a slightly bumpy weight loss journey, I’ve never missed a week. Meetings are great to get advice, pick up tips and feel supported – they really have been key to my weight loss.

Discovering exercise was an epiphany moment for me. A colleague challenged me to take part in a half marathon and for some strange reason, I accepted. I hated exercise but built it up slowly using a beginners running app and now run or exercise nearly every day and absolutely love it.

Julie’s vital statistics 

Name: Julie

Age: 47

Was: 13st 1lb

Lost: 5 st 4.5lb

As of 21/10/2014

When I am in training for a race I find I’m often hungry after exercising so like to tuck into plenty of rice and pasta to keep me going. The higher carb approach worked perfectly with my weight loss, particularly if I chose wholegrain versions that are Filling & Healthy foods. 

Before Weight Watchers a typical evening meal would be fried chips and chicken kiev, now it’s more likely to be a homemade dish like chicken laksa with plenty of fresh vegetables. The whole family still eat the same food and it’s great to know that as a result of Weight Watchers, all our food habits have changed for the better. 

With access to eSource with my Monthly Pass I tracked and checked ProPoints values on the mobile app and used Recipe Builder to tweak family favourites. It felt amazing to reach my goal. As I was chipping away at it pound by pound every week, I never imagined actually getting there. It’s given me my self-confidence back and the old me is starting to re-emerge. With Weight Watchers I never felt on a diet or restricted, just in control. If I can do it, anyone can.”


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