The 7 different types of kisses you are most likely to experience!

Putting together my own and several of my other friend’s experiences with their first ever kisses, here I am, sharing with you the types of first kisses that I could come up with:


This happens usually when we have friends who are committed but are single ourselves. They will try so hard to set us up with any guy/girl we find appealing even to the slightest bit. I am sure all of you are aware of the game called ‘Truth or Dare’, yes? This game unquestionably almost always lays the ground for the first kiss when peer pressure comes to play.


The 7 different types of kisses you are most likely to experience!

Here’s an example of an awkward first kiss:

A friend of mine had told me once, that when she and her first boyfriend were returning home in a cab, sitting next to each other and she reached out to kiss his cheek, the guy turned towards her to kiss her mouth, and both their noses thumped against each other’s, so she kissed in the air. It left her really embarrassed.

It was so impromptu and sudden that they couldn’t position themselves properly for the kiss that came. But that’s okay. First kisses may not always go as you expect them to. The more you kiss the better you get at it. Practice makes a man (read: kiss) perfect they say. So don’t you worry!


This type of kiss springs from latent affections that two people may have for each other. It could be between two friends who even though realise their feelings for each other, may have not been able to come to terms with their feelings because both may be parts of different relationships, until a point in time when they do, which is when the long awaited first kiss between them takes place.


The 7 different types of kisses you are most likely to experience!

You’re out with a guy you like, chatting up with him, maybe sharing a drink or two when he suddenly leans on you and plants upon your mouth a kiss. Since it is least expected it should feel like a welcomed surprise and it doesn’t leave a chance for you to think and get awkward but to enjoy and play along with your man.


When this friend-cum-crush of yours from school is going to leave town to pursue higher education, you realise how much you are going to miss him and that is when you can’t help but kiss him your first goodbye, leaving him with the hint of a soon-to-be relationship. The kiss could take place when this person returns after a long stay away from near and around you.


The 7 different types of kisses you are most likely to experience!

This mostly happens when we’re young and just want to imitate our elders in everything that they do.

Well, my first kiss took place because I wanted to experiment with kissing. I was in school then and immensely curious. So I kissed this guy friend of mine, and we grew up together with no romantic feelings for each other whatsoever. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend right now, but we’re still great friends.


A compassionate kiss may not always generate from lust, attraction or want of togetherness but out of affection and love for the person concerned. You might kiss your friend you don’t necessarily romanticise but are affectionate towards, when he/she is low right after a bad break-up, or at similar such situations, just to show them that you care.

Share with us your experiences with your first kiss. Tell us if any of these types match with those of yours. We’d really like to know your first kiss stories.


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