Vaccine hesitancy driven by concerns over safety and the efficacy of the approved COVID-19 vaccines is the primary reason why many people are delaying or avoiding vaccination across the globe. This is potentially contributing to spikes in cases and prolonging the pandemic. If you are hesitant to take the vaccine, this 125-year-old man from Varanasi, India will help you overcome your fear.

Swami Shivanand who had come to a vaccine centre in Durga Kund on Wednesday left the medical staff there in shock when he presented his Aadhaar card. They couldn’t believe that he is 125 years old. As mentioned on the Aadhar card, his date of birth is August 8, 1896. Considering his age, the medical staff were hesitant to give him the Covid-19 vaccine, but Shivanand insisted on getting the jab and finally got the first shot the same day.

Another thing that surprised the medical staff there was that the centenarian, who is a resident of Kabir Nagar colony in Bhelupur area, had come to the vaccine centre all alone to get the jab. After the vaccine was administered to him, he was asked to wait for the mandatory half hour at the centre to see if he experiences any adverse reactions. As no such vaccine reactions was observed, Shivanand was allowed to go home. The 125-year-old man is now looking forward to taking the second shot next month.

Get to know the secrets of Shivanand’s longevity  

The 125-year-old Varanasi man revealed that the secret to his longevity is ‘simple food and regular life’.

He told IANS news agency, “I wake up at 3 am and go to the Ganga River for a bath. Then I do Yoga. I eat very simple food with little or no oil and spices. I come from a very poor family and till date, I never had a full diet. I eat only half of my appetite. It keeps reminding me of my humble background,”

At 125, Shivanand still does all his work on his own, without taking help from any family member.

Science-backed tips to help you live a longer life

Life expectancy is largely determined by environmental factors like diet and lifestyle, with genes playing a much smaller role. Below are some healthy habits that will help you live a longer life.  

 Avoid overeating

Several studies suggest that limiting your calorie intake may increase maximum lifespan and protect against disease.

Eat more plant foods

Ensure that you eat a wide variety of plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans. Doing so will help decrease disease risk and promote longevity.

Stay physically active

There is enough evidence to support that being physically active can keep you healthy and add years to your life. Experts say as few as 15 minutes of exercise per day could increase your life expectancy by 3 years.

If you drink, keep it moderate

Heavy alcohol consumption can cause harm to your liver, heart and pancreas, and increase your risk of early death. Moderate alcohol consumption, on the other hand, is linked to reduced risk of several diseases, as well as premature death. If you have to drink, go for wine. It has high content of polyphenol antioxidants, which could benefit your health.

Lower your stress, be positive

Anxiety and stress can significantly decrease your lifespan by increasing you risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, or lung cancer. Pessimistic individuals are also known to have a higher risk of early death than optimistic people. So, find ways to reduce your anxiety and stress levels and have a positive outlook on life to live longer.

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