17 Year Old Boys Accident Death: How Did It Happen? In a horrific car crash on a suburban Sydney street, a 90-year-old woman hit two teenage schoolboys.

The heinous incident occurred in the early hours of December 1, leaving one dead and one injured. Another boy was able to save himself.

An investigation is underway to determine what occurred. Police have urged anyone who witnessed the accident to come forward and share what they know.

They will also interview the woman once she is more stable. She was taken to the hospital with a leg injury.

90 Year Old Driver Accident: 17-Year-Old Boys Dead And Injured In The Crash

A 90-year-old woman allegedly hit two teenage boys with her car, killing one. The collision happened at 11:20 a.m. on Thursday (December 1) in Rembrandt Street, Carlingford, in northwest Sydney.

A 17-year-old boy was killed while walking home from school after being hit by a car. The boy was reportedly pinned under a van and died at the scene after paramedics attempted to treat him.

His classmate, also 17, was rushed to Westmead Hospital and was in stable condition. Doctors did, however, monitor him for a head injury sustained in the collision.

Another boy managed to save himself after he jumped out of the way of the car. Although uninjured, he could have been left scarred by the incident.

Sydney car crash
The scene of the car crash at Carlingford, Sydney, on Thursday Morning (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Police will interview some key witnesses and the accused older woman, who had a leg injury and was transported to Westmead Hospital. 

She took a mandatory drug and alcohol blood test. However, we will need to wait for the results, which NSW Police Acting Inspector Jason Hogan said would not be ready for up to a fortnight.

Her silver Mitsubishi Lancer hit a tree and struck the side of the van after hitting the two boys. No charges have been made yet.

Accident Aftermath: Investigation Is Ongoing

The Police will interview the accused woman and other witnesses to discover the truth behind the accident.

Likewise, they will seek assistance from those who might have seen the collision or have dashcam recordings of the incident.

One witness, a mechanic man, told ABC he saw the incident happen and rushed to help the injured boys.

He said schoolchildren were walking on the footpath when the vehicle hit the curb, struck a tree, and continued toward the group.

The NWS Police said support was available to officers and paramedics at the scene. Similarly, they worked with the boys’ school to ensure teachers and parents were assisted.

17 Year Old Boys Accident Death: How Did It Happen? 90 Year Old Driver Victims & Investigation
Police have started looking into the incident. (Source: Sky News Australia)

Detective Acting Inspector Jason Hogan stated it was distressing for the family, the school, and the local community. He expressed grief that the boys had just done their HSC and had the rest of their lives ahead of them.

“This time of the year, it’s going to be detrimental to the family and the friends,” he added.

Mourners, including friends, family, and teachers from Carlingford High School, visited the crash scene on Rembrandt St Friday morning, hugging each other and laying flowers.

Residents took to a local Facebook group to discuss the unfolding tragedy. They also said the shopping center car park entrance was briefly closed due to the crash.

Police have urged anyone who witnessed the crash to come forward. As the investigation continues, we can expect to learn more about the victim, the preparator, and their backgrounds.

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