Inhalers: Are you using an inhaler? Putting it just in your mouth and take a breath — seems simple enough isn’t it? But, are you using it the right way or you are just following the not so useful guidelines? India has nearly 35 million people living with asthma, including children. While there is no cure for Asthma, it is manageable with proper treatment, vigilance, drug adherence, and regular medical checks, thus enabling patients to lead a normal life. Studies have revealed that incorrect use of inhalers often inhibits effective treatment of chronic respiratory ailments, leading to poor clinical control and eventually poor patient health outcome. Hence, it is important for patients to learn correct inhalation techniques for better management of respiratory ailments. 

Studies indicate that nearly 90% of patients don’t use their inhalers correctly. According to the experts, this can have multiple implications such as developing uncontrolled symptoms, a higher rate of asthma attacks, or even flare-ups. They added that the risk with people who use an inhaler improperly is that the results could be negative and can also turn fatal. But, keeping this in mind, we are here to share the right way to use an inhaler correctly.

How to Use It Correctly

  1. Pick up your inhaler.
  2. Don’t forget to shake your inhaler before each time you are using it.
  3. Now remove the cap out and look for any dirt that may be there in the mouthpiece
  4. Breathe out all the way, pushing as much air out as possible.
  5. Now, place the inhaler mouthpiece facing downward and place your lips around it to seal the mouthpiece completely.
  6. Slowly breathe in and make sure to press the inhaler one at a time.
  7. Keep breathing slowly and try to breathe as deep as you can.
  8. Use your lungs while doing it. Breathe in using your lungs and then slowly breathe out.
  9. Recap the mouthpiece to keep it safe from getting dirty.
  10. Also, make sure to rinse your mouth well after using the inhaler.

When Should One Use An Inhaler

One who is suffering from breathing issues/shortness of breathing is supposed to use an inhaler or keep the device handy. One of the health condition which requires the patients to carry the device is — Asthma patients. Asthma is a health condition of intermittent airway obstruction due to inflammatory processes in the lungs. Also Read – Complex inhalers may prevent patients from taking medicine

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