11 Incredible Ailments You Never Knew Bitter Kola Could Cure

Bitter Kola also is known as Garcinia kola, is a multipurpose tree found mostly in the tropical rainforest region of Central and West Africa.

This highly sourced species is called “wonder plant” because every part of it such as the seeds, stem, and leaves has been used for medicinal purposes over decades.

One study found that Garcinia kola acts as anti-bacteria, anti-virus, and provides protection against cancer among other diseases.

The most valued product of the tree is the seeds, which are commonly chewed by rural and urban populations of the African region to avoid and treat gastric problems.

Garcinia kola has several health benefits including curing a good number of sicknesses.

What sickness does bitter kola cure?

There is vast evidence that bioactive components of the seeds can serve as an alternative medicine to treat and cure severe diseases or ailments such as…

1. Diabetes

The effect of garcinia kola on diabetes is quite astounding. Findings have it that bitter kola can regulate blood sugar levels in the blood by reducing and normalizing it.

Consuming Bitter Kola seed significantly ameliorates hyperglycemia-mediated damage by decreasing the blood glucose level, enhancing the antioxidant system, inhibiting lipid peroxidation, and improving complications of diabetes mellitus.

This therapy is likely to be most effective in the early stage of diabetes as a severe state might require the services of health experts.

2. Malaria

Over the years, traditional healers have been recommending bitter kola to their patients as a treatment to some ailments of which malaria is inclusive.

Experimental studies backed up this fact in their finding that the chemical constituents in bitter kola have anti-malaria properties and can do wonders if two or three(with some water) of the seeds are chewed when signs arise.

In addition, the stem, bark, and seeds of garcinia kola are used to treat acute fever, inflammation of the respiratory tract and throat infections.


3. Weak immune system

Bitter kola has a high amount of antioxidants. This high amount of antioxidants found in bitter kola does not only help fight bacteria and other illnesses, but it also helps the body to increase its immunity levels.

Also, when the immunity level of the body is increased, it becomes strong enough to fight against any foreign contaminant.


4. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing a gradual loss of sight. Glaucoma could result in permanent blindness if left untreated.

However, garcinia kola has been found to be an amazing remedy for this ailment.

Researchers at Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria tested the effectiveness of eye drops that contained 0.5 percent extract of Bitter Kola.

The results of their study showed that the ophthalmic solution that contained the Garcinia kola significantly reduced eye pressure when used twice a day.

The study then recommended eating Bitter kola at least twice a day to ease eye pressure

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5. Osteoarthritis

It has been observed that many arthritis sufferers prefer natural herbal medicines to other pain relievers and medications.

Studies where made and the researchers at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria found that there is a positive effect of Garcinia kola against arthritis symptoms.

The results of the study showed that Garcinia kola significantly reduce inflammation and pain and increased joint movement in subjects that had osteoarthritis symptoms.


6. Neutralizes Snake Poison

Snakes can commonly be found in rural areas or homes that are close to the bush part. People who live in rural areas are more likely to have an encounter with snakes or experience snake bite.

However, it is important to fumigate your environment regularly so as to keep snakes away.

In the case, the compound or surrounding welcomed a snake and you got bitten in the process, you could use bitter kola to neutralize the effect of the snake venom.

Chew 5-10 pieces of bitter kola immediately and within a few seconds, you will feel the need to urinate the poison out of the body. In addition, this method can also be effective for scorpion bite.


7. Helps to keep snakes away

Snakes could pose a serious health concern especially when they are creeping around the house and compound and you have got children around.

There are simple local methods you could use to totally eradicate snakes from coming around your homes.

One effective method is using grinded Bitter kola and maize to eradicate snakes from around the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter the species, kind or size of the snake, just grind the bitter kola and mix it up with grinded maize.

Spread it around the areas you observed snakes frequently pass through or around the compound or around your house; snakes will keep their distance totally. Repeat this process at intervals of three days.


8. Food Poison

Bitter kola is anti-poisonous in nature, being that it helps in the prevention of bacterial infection caused as a result of food poisoning. The bark and seed of Garcinia kola when eaten together helps in the detoxification of the human system especially in the cases of food poisoning.

It is recommendable to chew bitter kola immediately after eating contaminated food or suspected contaminated food.

Certain parts of the African countries have the belief that chewing and holding bitter Kola helps to drive away evil people and spirits.


9. Sore Throat

Bitter kola seeds can be chewed to clear a sore throat and throat hoarseness. Bitter kola clears the throat by boosting mucus production along the vocal tube lining, which helps to soften the dry throat.


10. Cough

Among other health ailments Garcinia kola can cure, cough is the most common one (NCBI). Allowing cough to persist for too long is not healthy and thus should be treated immediately signs are noticed.

There are a number of local ways/methods you can use to treat cough especially the ones not caused by Pneumonia, lung cancer, Whooping cough, Heart failure, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), BP medications, bronchiectasis, Covid -19, etc. If you have got a cough, try the following home ready for cough and consult a specialist if symptoms persist. 

Bitter kola and Honey for cough

To use the Bkola method in curing cough, blend 8-10 bitter kola nuts and scoop the paste in a clean container with a cover.

Get a half bottle of honey and add a considerable amount to the paste about ratio 5:1 and stir very well.

Allow staying for at least an hour to ferment. Then administer to your child or an adult three times daily, until symptoms of cough disappear.

This home remedy is very potent. Stay away from drinking cold or iced water during treatment.

Bitter kola, Tomtom, and Aligator pepper for cough

To use this method, you need

  • 1 seed of bitter kola
  • 10 seeds of alligator pepper
  • 1 tomtom 

Steps: Peel the bitter kola, take 10 seeds of alligator pepper, Unwrap the tomtom from the seal, Add all of them together and chew at once. Repeat the process every day until symptoms clear completely.

Note: This solution is mainly potent for regular cough. However after using for at least 3 days and symptoms persist, consult you, doctor, for proper diagnosis and treatment.


11. Respiratory problem

The considerate amount of consumption of Bitter kola helps in strengthening and stabilizing lung tissue and maintain the respiratory tract.

Traditional healers use Bitter Kola to treat chest colds. It also has a favorably high antioxidant content for a healthy body.

Chewing at least one bitter kola seed at an interval of two to three days can help keep your respiratory health at bay.



Can Bitter kola improve sperm count? 

A conclusive research report by NCBI shows that Bitter kola seed extract can not only help increase sperm count, it can also help promote testicular weights, libido, erection, and ejaculation. This finding makes Garcinia kola a good go-to for a one or less minute man or men with watery sperm, low sperm count and other sexual health conditions.

For example, if you are a man that takes less than a minute to release sperm while making love or having sex with your partner, chewing a few pieces of Garcinia kola may just help improve your duration in bed. Men with watery sperm owing to too much sugar consumption can as well benefit by eating one to 2 pieces of bitter kola daily. It is important to discontinue usage immediately result is achieved.

Avoid eating too much in one day or using it for a long period of time as the study also observed that lower doses of Garcinia kola in the treatment of low sperm count/sperm quality and other sexual related conditions are more effective than higher doses. Consequently,  prolonged use of Bitter kola treatment may negatively affect sexual behaviour.

Does bitter kola help sexually?

Yes chewing not more than two bitter kola seeds before intercourse with your partner may help sexually. In some parts of Western Nigeria, a fraction of the population thought of Garcinia kola as an aphrodisiac that can improve sexual performance and promote sex drive.

Note: This claim is not backed by substantial scientific research hence more research is necessary.

Can bitter kola cause miscarriage?

Health specialists and scientists are yet to report that eating this bitter plant can lead to miscarriage or loss of pregnancy. Hence this question will take a ‘NO’ answer until the findings are concluded. This article has been updated from the previous version written in 2019.

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