Alexandria Herring aka Alex Food Babies, a well-known YouTuber, appears as a Food Babies on The Try Guys, a popular YouTube channel. Learn more about her in the sections below.

On The Try Guys, Alex and her friends try various dishes and rate them. In one of her favorite videos, she and her crew tried various Taco Bell foods. However, they primarily try the American-Asian menu and compete to eat the spicy dishes.

Alex is the Associate Producer at 2nd Try LLC, a comedy group known for trying a wide range of experiences, in addition to being the face of The Try Guys and Food Babies.

Alex has years of experience working on the assembly line. Few people are aware that she worked as an Office Production Assistant for the well-known DNA Inc and on the musical project of the rock band Nickelback. She also worked as a coordinator on the film Monolith.

Fans of Alex are curious about her age, love life, family, and net worth as her show’s popularity grows.

Alexandria Herring Aka Alex Food Babies: Who Is She? Youtuber's Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Ethnicity

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  • Who is Alexandria Herring aka Food Babies?
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  • What is Alex’s on Food Babies Ethnicity?
  • What does Alex do in Food Babies?
  • Does Alex have a boyfriend?
  • Who are her parents and where is she from?

Alexandria Herring Aka Alex Food Babies: Who Is She? Real Name Explained

Alex is one half of The Try Guy’s food-tasting duo, The Food Babies. Her full and real name is Alexandria Herring.

Herring graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 2014. During her college years, she studied communications and anthropology.

Alex has established herself as a successful Youtuber and content creator as of 2022. She has also worked on music videos, commercials, and a Try Guys video.

Her Professional Career As A Youtuber – Insight

The Youtuber started her journey as a Sales Associate in the year 2010. She worked for companies like Gilly Hicks and Abercrombie & Fitch. In 2013, she joined the Entertainment Delivery Group and gained experience as an office assistant.

Her journey in production began at the Partizan, which paved her way to join companies like O Positive Films and Pretty Bird. She has also worked as a personal assistant to American music video director Kevin Bray.

In June 2014, she joined DNA inc as an Office Production Assistant, where she worked on many famous musical projects of the Canadian rock band, The Nickelback.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has also assisted in Jamie Foxx ft. Chris Brown – “You Changed Me,” Little Mix – “Black Magic,” Dallas Smith – “Lifted,” Elliphant – “Never Been in Love,” Fifth Harmony – “All I Want for Christmas, and many more. Additionally, between 2015 to 2018, she was involved with Lock & Valentine LLC and BuzzFeed.

While she was still employed by Buzzfeed, she collaborated for the first time on a series of videos produced by The Try Guys to promote the film The Shallows. All of the films were shot in Florida, so it was her first trip to work.

Joining the 2nd Try LLC (The Try Guys)

Alex eventually joined the 2nd Try LLC, a Los Angeles-based video production firm. She has served as the company’s associate producer ever since.

These days, she regularly collaborates with fellow producers Rachel Cole and Nick Rufca because numerous videos are being produced simultaneously. Along with office administration responsibilities, Herring also lends a hand on more extensive branded video and vacation projects.

Alex has helped produce several instructive web series, including “Eat the Menu,” “The Try Guys: DUI Series,” “Without a Recipe,” etc. She was also part of the Behind the Try: A Try Guys Documentary released in 2020.

About Her Appearance And Participation On Food Babies Episodes

Alexandria Herring gained attention in the Food Babies episodes, where she works as a senior associate producer. She appears alongside her team’s senior editor, YB Chang. 

In the program, Alex and YB eat a substantial amount of varieties of food, usually during speed and followed up by endurance rounds.

According to Alex and YB, the series started as a fun mukbang between two friends, eventually becoming an exciting series. For example, they ate chicken nuggets in their first video, which received 3 million views on its first weekend. Similarly, the Food Babies video trying 300 sushi has amassed 8.6 million views at the time of writing. 

Under Herring and her friend’s management, the Try Guys channel had earned a Webby Award nomination some years ago.

  How Old Is Alexandria Herring Aka Alex Food Babies’s Age?

Alex, one of the Food Babies, is currently in her early thirties. She is an Asian American and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

On her youtube videos, Alex appears taller than her friends. She stands at an average height of around 5 feet 6 inches.

Alex and her friend, YB Chang, are of the same age group. Currently, her Food Babies partner, Chang, is 28 years old.

Know Her Family Background – Parents & Ethnicity

In one of the Chicken nugget episodes in The Try Guys, Alex stated that she and her friend YB are half Koreans.

She is Korean on her mother’s side, Irish, German, Dutch, and some Native American on her father’s side. Nevertheless, being raised in Los Angeles, she was exposed to multiple cultures and communities.

As quoted on the Mixed Asian Media site, Alex has said: “I did not look like my friends, and I also didn’t fully look like Asian friends. So I felt like I wasn’t Asian enough for my Asian friends, in that sense.”

Herring might have easily been chosen from a wide range of professions, including singer, actor, dancer, and even astronaut at one point. But in general, she wanted to be a writer, particularly in the journalistic industry.

When choosing a college major, Herring discovered that journalism was too specialized for her to pursue. Therefore, she focused on communication and anthropology, keeping it slightly more general.

Alex wanted to join a college in New York. However, things got different after her parents got divorced. The beautiful Youtuber also has a sister named Simone Herring.

Food Babies’ Alex Is Engaged To Her UH Boyfriend

Alex is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Will Thayer III. She met him at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

By profession, Alex’s fiance works as a manager at Paramount Television. His LinkedIn says he previously worked as a coordinator for the CBS Television Studios and graduated with a Business Administration degree in 2014.

Will Thayer also has a private profile on Instagram under the handlename @wht3. He has a total of 936 followers.

Alex and her partner, Will, very often travel together. However, they mostly love to spend their time at Tunnels Beach.

Meet Alex On Instagram

Food babies’ Alex appears on Instagram with the handlename @aaherring. She has gained notoriety for her beautiful looks and a bright smile on her social media handle. As a result, the Youtuber has amassed 48.5 thousand followers on the Instagram platform.

Alex dreams of becoming a travel producer someday, regardless of whether she is on the screen.

As quoted on Mixed Asian Media, Alex has said: “I love planning travel videos.I love going to different countries and meeting new people and finding new experts for all the little things we do.”

Herring also wants to see more ladies working in her field and from various countries and backgrounds. She believes that by including more women, those who are aspiring will be more likely to feel inspired.

Her Net Worth In 2022

Food Babies’ Alex has an estimated net worth of around USD 500,000. In addition, she has more than 10 years of experience in the production line. 

An experienced LA-based Associate Producer like Alex earns $66,680 per year, according to Glassdoor. She also makes a lot of money from YouTube and writing.

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