Anna Jordsjo is a South Australian professional jockey. With over 25 victories, the young rider has cemented her place among Australia’s top jockeys.

Anna Jordsjo Jockey Partner: Five Amazing Facts About Anna Jordsjo Dating Life and Relationship

In January 2021, two jockeys were sanctioned for misbehavior after getting into a fight and using foul language toward one another in the female jockeys’ dressing room. Following an altercation between Caitlin Jones and Anna Jordsjo after the G & J Civil Handicap race, the stewards opened an investigation.

Furthermore, Jordsjo, Josh Cartwright’s riding partner who was blamed for irresponsible riding in the now-famous final race in Adelaide last Saturday, suffered a severe fall during trackwork at Morphettville in 2017.


Who is Anna Jordsjo Jockey Partner? Professional Trainer

Anna Jordsjo was a trainee of Josh Cartwright, her fellow jockey partner. He’s been with her for a long time and has taught her every step of the way to success. Cartwright was her first boyfriend, so they had a romantic relationship.

However, in January 2017, an accident caused Jordsjo to fall from the horse. She was immediately taken by ambulance to the nearby Flinders Hospital. Fortunately, she did not experience any significant major health issues as a result of the fall during a typical trackwork session. Jordsjo was immediately released.

Johan Petzer, the chief caretaker, acknowledged the incident and stated that Jordsjo would not ride for a few days out of caution. If she has any lingering concussion symptoms, she will need to be bedridden.

Cartwright, Jordsjo’s partner, was charged with reckless riding after Senior Council fired cannons at Go the Journey and House of Wax, effectively ending their chances of success. He admitted his error. He is prohibited from riding a horse for the next 18 months.


Five Amazing Facts About Anna Jordsjo Dating Life and Relationship

  1. The Norwegian-born jockey Anna Jordsjo recently said yes to his longtime boyfriend and partner Jason Fantasia. They are now formally engaged. She made the news official by posting a photograph of Jason proposing to her on a terrain on her Instagram where she wrote “This holiday keeps getting better and better.” and added the hashtag “#isaidyes”.

  2. Jordsjo has been with Jason for quite a while now. She started dating him shortly after her relationship with her jockey partner Josh Cartwright failed after he intentionally barged into other horses on a race track causing Jordsjo to fall from the horse and causing injuries.

  3. His ex-boyfriend Josh Cartwright is a pro-Supercross Racer. Cartwright, who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, learned to ride a motorbike before most other children could even ride a standard bike.

  4. Following her ex’s 18-month riding suspension, the jockey found a new lover Jason Fantasia on the run. She left Cartwright for her unprecedented behaviour on the pitch and his unnecessary help to assist her. the 26-year-old later said, “I can win my own race.”

  5. Anna Jordsjo is travelling the world with her new partner Jason. She does not miss uploading on her Instagram all the memories she had with him captured in pictures which she shares with her fans on social media. On August 5, she posted an image of the couple touring a historic place Colosseum in Italy. 

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