Ayurvedic tips to overcome iron deficiency

Are you fatigued all the time? Is there paleness? Do you skip your important office meeting owing to those nagging headaches? Is your dry skin stealing your peace of mind? Beware! It can indicate iron deficiency. If you’re deficient in iron and looking for options apart from allopathy, then, Ayurveda can come to your rescue. Yes, you have heard it right! Ayurveda is a boon for those with iron deficiency. The say-to-do tricks, mediations, and therapies can help you deal with iron deficiencies. Here, Dr. Vaishali Sawant Chavan, Ayurveda expert and Asst Medical Director, Vedicure Healthcare and Wellness, tells you more about the benefits of Ayurveda when it comes to managing iron deficiencies. Read and opt for it right away!

Did you know? Iron deficiency occurs when the body lacks the vital mineral iron. The causes of iron deficiency are low iron intake, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), blood loss because of heavy periods, or even internal bleeding. The symptoms of iron deficiency are shortness of breath, tiredness, paleness, headaches, dizziness, dry damaged hair and skin, swelling of the tongue, heart palpitation, and brittle nails. The body needs iron to make haemoglobin, which is a protein present in red blood cells enabling the cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. If the haemoglobin is low in the body, then the tissues and muscles won’t get enough oxygen to be able to function effectively and this can be termed anaemia.

What is Anaemia called in Ayurveda? 

Are you aware? Anaemia imbalances the Agni of the body. Anaemia is called PANDU in Ayurveda. It can drop your haemoglobin count too. You will be shocked to know that not treating anaemia on time can lead to complications that impact the heart and the lungs. But now you don’t have to worry as Ayurveda is the remedy to your problem.

Ayurveda plays a pivotal role in the prevention of such diseases and the promotion of health. It is the ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine that can help one improve the quality of life. Those opting for this alternative treatment option will be able to fight the disease naturally.

Some Ayurvedic tips to overcome iron deficiency

  • Drink amla juice and red beetroot as doing so can help reactivate red blood cells and allow to get fresh oxygen to the body. Hence, have it and see the difference.
  • Eating Apple can be helpful for those diagnosed with anaemia.
  • You need to soak 2-3 tsps of fenugreek (methi) seeds overnight. Add these seeds to rice and cook them. Put salt as required, you can eat methi rice daily for a month to manage iron deficiency.
  • You can mix half a cup of apple juice with half a cup of beetroot (chukandar) juice. Add some honey and mix well. Have this juice and you will see the difference.
  • Soak black sesame (til) seeds in warm water for at least 2 hours. Make the paste of it and add honey to the mixture. Then, mix well, put in the glass of milk, and have it daily.
  • Eat a pomegranate (anar) to increase your blood count.
  • Swear by bananas to increase the haemoglobin count.
  • Exercise or do yoga on a daily basis to stay hale and hearty. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, peas, beans, raisins, apricots, legumes, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, broccoli, tofu, and whole grains.
  • Consuming 10-15 overnight soaked black raisins next morning will not only help in increasing haemoglobin levels but also help in relieving constipation which is common in anaemia.
  • Along with iron rich diet, don’t forget to have lemons, oranges, tomatoes as it has vitamin C which helps in best absorption of iron.

Takeaway: You will have to take Ayurvedic treatment from a certified practitioner only. He/she will examine you thoroughly and then only recommend medicines or therapies.

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