Azzi Fudd was raised by her parents, Tim and Katie Fudd. She comes from a family of basketball players.

Her parents, Tim and Katie, were both college basketball players. Azzi Fudd, 20, was born on 11 November 2002 to her mother, Katie Smrcka-Duffy- Fudd in Fairfax, Virginia. Azzi met Tim when she was a year and a half. She has one older brother and two younger brothers.

Her parents’ love for each other and basketball had them hold their wedding on a basketball court. Her parents dated for less than two years before Tim proposed to Katie.

Katie was the flower girl at her parents’ wedding.

She was introduced to basketball by her parents at an early age. They wanted to watch their daughter on the basketball court and gifted her a basketball. Today, she is a well-known and well-respected college basketball player in America. Behind her success, her parent played a significant role.

Azzi Fudd Parents Were College Basketball Players

Azzi Fudd was raised by parents Tim Fudd and Katie Smrcka-Duffy Fudd, who were college basketball players.

Her father, Tim Fudd, was a former basketball player at American University. He has the degree of Bachelor of Business administration from the same college in 1996.

He played for the American Universities Men’s basketball team from 1991-1996 and was honored All-Colonial Athletic Association in 1993-1994. Tim served as the caption for the two seasons and head coach for the Eagles.

Her mother, Katie Smrcka-Duffy Fudd, was a player at NC State and Georgetown. Later she was drafted by the Sacramento Monarchs in the WNBA draft in 2001.

Katie graduated from Georgetown University and got a three-year standout on the Women’s Basketball team. Before that, she played one season at North Carolina State University and was awarded 1997 ACC Rookie of the year.

Azzi Fudd Parents Fell In Love While Coaching At The Potomac School

Azzi Fudd was three years old when her parents, Tim Fudd and Katie Fudd, got married on a basketball court.

Her parents fell in love while they were coaches at The Potomac School. As both loved basketball and Katie was raised Catholic, it seemed sensible to get married on the court. Not a legal court but on a basketball court.

They rented St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s gym for their wedding, paying $35 per hour. They spoke their vows wearing Nike Huaraches.

On their 14th Anniversary, Tim wished his wife on his Twitter with the caption,” Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife Katie! 14 years ago she TOLD me I was signing a lifetime contract and it has been a special ride! Looking forward to the next 14! Btw, no one had a chance against us in 2v2 even in the dress and suit.”

When Azzi was born three years before their wedding, Katie named her after Jennifer Azzi. Her mother wanted Azzi to be hard-working and have a character like Jennifer, a WNBA legend and Olympic gold medalist.

Tim Fudd is not her biological father. Azzi met Tim when she was a year and a half. As her second birthday approached, Azzi called Tim dad for the first time.

On his first date with Katie, Azzi had tagged along for dinner.

Azzi Fudd’s Father Tim Fudd Played For American University

Azzi Fudd’s father, Tim Fudd, played for American University. He was captain of the Men’s Basketball team for two seasons.

Tim Fudd attended an American University for his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and started playing basketball there. He played for five years, from 1991 to 1996, and later started his career as a basketball coach for the Eagles.

As a senior in 1996, he averaged 16.1 points per game. He fractured his patella the same season.

He had a short basketball career as a player. As a professional player, he has played in European countries in Holland, Finland, Spain, and Venezuela. Later, he and his other member established Nova Select AAU Club in 2000-02 and coached the Middleburg Lions AAU for two years from 2003.

Currently, he is serving as the coach and training new upcoming small players. Moreover, he frequently organizes Basketball camps to teach basketball shooting and other techniques. Tim and his wife established GTS Fusion to produce well-trained players.

Her father is also an assistant coach at St. John.

Azzi Fudd Comes From A Family Of Basketball Players

Azzi Fudd comes from an athletic Catholic family.

Her parents, Tim and Katie, are both basketball players and coaches. They are the motivation and inspiration for her successful career.

Azzi Fudd was born on 11 November 2002 and raised with her three siblings in Fairfax, Virginia. Her parents adopted her two younger brothers, Jon, and Jose, in 2011, and she has one older brother Thomas. Jon and Jose were cared for by her paternal grandmother.

Tim and Katie were former basketball players, so they wanted their daughter to play.

When Azzi was young, she disliked sports and would hang back from the crowds. She was athletic because of her parents’ genes but had not grown a love for the game yet.

After she got a basketball for a Christmas gift, her interest in the game began.

By class six, she was already showing her skills on the court in eighth-grade AAU tournaments. Maryland head coach Brenda Frese invited her to the University of Maryland women’s basketball office to offer her a college scholarship after recognizing her talent.

Her parents served as her AAU coaches and honed her skills. They taught her plays, moves and gave her a love for the gave.

Her hard-word and interest in games quickly made her a bigger and more skillful player. She dominated the AUU tournaments as a sixth-grader. Because of her talent, she was offered a scholarship by the head coach of the University of Maryland.

Currently, she is associated with the Uconn Huskies Women’s Basketball team. Before that, she played for St. John College. The head coach of the St. John College team said that when Azzi doesn’t make the shot, all are surprised that the ball doesn’t go in. He also mentions she is very smooth, efficient, and consistent.

Her hard work paid off as she made the National team and won gold medals at the FIBA U-16 Women’s Americas Championship in Argentina in 2017. Her country won the FIBA U-17 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Belarus the following year. In 2021, the USA won the FIBA U-19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Hungary. Home 

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