Bonnie Parker And Clyde Barrow Death In 1934 - Full Story

Officers shot Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow death after they evaded capture multiple times.

The most well-known film, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, is about Bonnie and Clyde. Parker and Barrow were both laid to rest in Dallas.

The couple died on May 23, 1934, after spending the remainder of their brief lives running. Through the investigation of former Texas Ranger Captain Frank Hamer, it was discovered that they were on their way to Bienville Parish, Louisiana. The local police and the FBI had been looking for them for quite some time.

Bonnie Parker And Clyde Barrow Death: Shot By Police Officer

On May 23, 1934 in an ambush near Sailes, Louisiana, officers fatally shot Clyde Champion Barrow and his companion, Bonnie Parker, ending one of the most spectacular manhunts the country had ever seen.

Barrow was wanted for murder, robbery, and kidnapping-related state charges. He was also suspected of numerous homicides.

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Bonnie and Clyde’s picture taken before death (Source:

Late in December 1932, a single piece of evidence piqued the interest of the FBI, which was then known as the Bureau of Investigation, regarding Barrow and his lover. 

The Police, using automatic rifles and shotguns, are thought to have shot Bonnie and Clyde more than fifty times, making sure they would never be able to escape again. Press outlets published images of the attractive couple they discovered at their hideouts, glamorizing their life of crime. Since then, Bonnie and Clyde have continued to be popular.

How Many People Did Bonnie And Clyde Kill?

Bonnie and Clyde were thought to have committed 13 murders and several robberies and burglaries when they were killed in 1934. 

In January 1930, Bonnie and Clyde met in Texas. At the time, Clyde was 21 and single, while Bonnie was 19 and married to a murderer who was incarcerated. 

He was promptly detained for burglary and taken to jail. He was captured and returned to prison after making his getaway using a gun Bonnie had smuggled to him. In February 1932, Clyde received parole, reunited with Bonnie, and returned to a life of crime.

Bonnie Parker And Clyde Barrow Death In 1934 - Full Story
“Wanted! Clyde Champion Barrow,” The Indianapolis Times (Source:

Bonnie and Clyde were accused of stealing an automobile and other crimes. 

Barrow, for instance, was suspected of abducting a man and a woman in rural Louisiana and killing two Police officers in Joplin, Missouri. He let them go close to Waldo, Texas.

Numerous sightings connected this pair to car thefts and bank robberies. Clyde was accused of killing a man in Hillsboro, Texas, committing robberies in Lufkin and Dallas, Texas, killing one sheriff and injuring another in Stringtown, Oklahoma. 

He also kidnapped a deputy in Carlsbad, New Mexico, stole a car in Victoria, Texas, attempted to kill a deputy in Wharton, Texas, and committed murder and robberies in Abilene and Sherman.

Why Were Bonnie And Clyde Famous?

The couple became more well-known due to Bonnie’s gender, an unlikely criminal, and the fact that they posed for amusing photos that were later discovered by Police and made public. 

The infamous pair came dangerously close to being apprehended twice by Police during surprise raids on their Missouri hideouts in Joplin and Platte City in the spring of 1933. During the second raid, Buck Barrow was killed, and Blanche was taken into custody, but Bonnie and Clyde once more managed to flee. 

To assist Hamilton in escaping custody, they attacked the Eastham Prison Farm in Texas in January 1934, killing one guard and shooting several others with machine guns.

The Barrow Gang was suspected of killing 13 people, including nine Police officers. However, a lot of people still view Parker and Barrow as romantic figures, especially in light of the popularity of the 1967 Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty film Bonnie and Clyde. Home 

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