Cameron Joshua In Jail: Did He Murder Takeoff? Arrest And Charges Explored

Cameron Joshua In Jail: Did He Murder Takeoff? People are wondering if Cameron Joshua is in jail after being charged with the murder of rapper Takeoff.

According to authorities, Cameron has been charged in connection with the shooting of rapper Takeoff last month after a private party in downtown Houston. At the time of the incident, he is suspected of illegally possessing a gun.

However, the prosecution claimed in court that the suspect, 22-year-old Cameron Joshua, did not fire a weapon during the shooting of Takeoff.

Takeoff, whose real name was Kirsnick Khari Ball, formed the Grammy-nominated Atlanta suburb-based rap group Migos with his cousin Offset and uncle Quavo.

Fans and musicians like Justin Bieber and Drake honored Takeoff’s musical legacy at a memorial service in Atlanta.

Cameron Joshua In Jail: Did He Murder Takeoff?

Since his arrest on November 22, Lil Cam has been detained at the Harris County jail.

Lil Cam, the alleged killer of Migos rapper Takeoff, was arrested by Houston Police last week on suspicion of carrying a weapon unlawfully. Joshua Cameron is a 16-year-old team member of Mob Ties Records.

J Prince Jr., the founder and CEO of Mob Ties has also been charged by “Black Twitter” with involvement in the death of Takeoff.

Detectives reportedly question him regarding the Takeoff shooting even though he is being held on unrelated charges.

Arrest And Charges Explore

Cameron Joshua is charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon after it was claimed that he had a handgun when the rapper was shot and killed on November 1 at around 2:30 am after a private Party outside of 810 Billiards & Bowling.

After the hearing on Wednesday, a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office gave reporters a brief statement saying that they believed Cameron Joshua had been charged properly and that they were still looking into Takeoff’s death.

According to Joshua’s lawyer, Christopher Downey, there is no evidence that his client fired a gun or was involved in the shooting of Takeoff.

Joshua is also accused of having a weapon when he was arrested on November 22 and is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. 

What Does Joshua Know About Takeoff’s Death?

It’s unclear if he does because when asked if he knew who killed Takeoff, Downey responded that they would talk to the district attorney’s office if they felt like it. They are currently facing charges, but they have remained silent.

The truth, according to Downey, is that Cameron Joshua did not shoot Takeoff.

Cameron Joshua In Jail: Did He Murder Takeoff?
Cameron Joshua is the suspect of Takeoff’s murder (Source: Twitter)

Joshua was ordered to remain in custody pending a bond hearing scheduled for the following week during the hearing.

When Takeoff was killed, at least two people, according to Houston Police, fired gunshots. According to an autopsy, Takeoff’s main causes of demise were penetrating gunshot wounds to the head, torso, and arm.

Two more people were shot at, but their injuries weren’t life-threatening. The 40 partygoers who left after the shooting were sought out by investigators to be interviewed.

Lil Cam Was Released On Bail

Lil Cam was released in April 2022 after being freed on bail for a prior felony.

He could face additional charges if detectives discover that the most recent warrant violates the conditions of his current bond and that he was involved in Takeoff’s death.

After being charged in Harris County with possessing a fake ID in September 2021 and a vehicle burglary in April, he had already been on bond. He was also found guilty of grand theft in Los Angeles County in October.Home

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