Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy had a lot to live up to after being deemed a standout at the last Republican debate – but rather than focus on his talking points, the internet was more interested in his hair.

Users inundated X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, with memes Wednesday night, getting increasingly creative as the debate stretched on.

Comparisons were drawn between Vivek’s pompadour-like hairdo and the titular character from nineties cartoon series Beavis and Butt-Head.

Analogies were also drawn to ‘fifth grade genius’ Jimmy Neutron and his disproportionately large cowlick.

Some accounts posted side-by-side comparisons while others decided a simple picture of the cartoon character spoke for itself.

Other people found creative ways to entertain themselves during the debate.

‘Every 1000 likes I’ll make his hair taller,’ one user declared.

Other people were appalled that the candidate’s hair seemed to get taller with each debate.

 ‘Vivek’s hair looks like it’s about to leap off his head,’ one user remarked.

This sparked reactions from other netizens, including one who commented: ‘Even Vivek’s hair can’t stand him.’

 Ramaswamy wasn’t just made into a punching bag online – other candidates took shots at him during the debate as well.

Nikki Haley, for instance, mocked the Harvard grad’s decision to start a TikTok account after being encouraged to do so by controversial YouTuber Jake Paul.

When he attempted to defend himself, she interjected: ‘Honestly, every time I hear you I feel a little bit dumber from what you say.’

Aside from online ridicule, the 38-year-old presidential hopeful has caught flak from voters in the past.

Most recently, Ramaswamy experienced blowback when he revealed in an interview with NBC that his Indian father was not a U.S. citizen and that only his mother had taken the citizenship test – after repeatedly claiming both parents took the test on the campaign trail.

He became the target of attacks by other Republican candidates following his performance in August’s presidential primary debate.

‘My view is that there was some design to take him on, but the way he started the debate attacking everyone else exacerbated the other candidates’ desire to take him on,’ Barry Wynn, a former South Carolina Republican Party chairman, told CNN.

The latest FiveThirtyEight poll shows Ramaswamy averaging 6.3 percent, a figure dwarfed by Donald Trump’s national average as he leads the pack at 54 percent.

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