Chicago Shooting: Where Is Jason McMahan Now – Jail Or Prison? Jason McMahan is accused of being involved in a fatal Chicago shooting in April near the House of Blues in River North Chicago.

Jason McMahan, 36, is facing felony charges of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree murder, and aggravated violence.

On April 30, a 26-year-old woman and another woman were killed in a shooting on State Street near Kinzie.

According to police, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot both victims multiple times after a disagreement between the two women. McMahan is scheduled to appear in bond court on Wednesday.

Chicago Shooting: Jason McMahan, 36, Arrested For Killing Tashawnna Anderson

According to Chicago Police, a 36-year-old man has been accused of a double shooting in River North last year, resulting in one sister’s death and a second injury.

First-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and issuance of a warrant are the charges against Jason McMahan.

According to CPD, Tashawnna Anderson, 26, was shot and killed by McMahan soon after one in the morning on April 30. LaShawn Anderson, 31, was also critically injured.

Tashawnna Anderson reportedly saw her friend’s boyfriend with another woman when the sisters were present inside the 10Pin Bowling Lounge in River North, according to family.

Later that evening, Tashawnna Anderson and a friend walked outside to confront the boyfriend in the 300-block of North State Street.

LaShawn Anderson claimed to have witnessed the man emerge from the car’s passenger side, punch her cousin to the ground, and then turn to face the two sisters.

Chicago Shooting victim
Victims of Chicago Shooting. (Source: abc7 Chicago)

Right, where LaShawn Anderson claimed she struggled mightily to save her sister’s life, both of them could reach the other.

“He shot me, she exclaimed. He killed me,” “She spoke. “I was applying pressure to her wound to stop the bleeding,”

Tashawnna Anderson was unsuccessful because the claimed shooter was left in a car.

“What made you kill my sister? She wasn’t even trying to argue with him! She was not even debating him. She was defending her pal, “At the time, LaShawn Anderson said.

“Tell her daughter that she is loved, she instructed me. She stopped breathing after that.”

After seeing her sister draw her final breath, LaShawn Anderson was shot in the thigh and left with only the bare minimum of mobility.

Chicago Shooting: Where Is Jason McMahan Now – Jail Or Prison?

is currently being held by the police but no further information about him was made public as the case is very sensitive as of now.

However, we do know that the murderer will be presented on court on Wednesday and hence, we hope he will be sent to prison with maximum sentence for ruining a innocent girl’s life.

Chicago Shooting: Where Is Jason McMahan Now
Jason McMahan chicago shooting. (Source: The Georgia Gazette)

Unfortunately, no further information about Jason’s whereabouts has been made public at the time of writing this article so no valid information was obtained.

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