Who is Cindy Hsu Partner? According to reports, Cindy Hsu is leaving CBS. We need to figure out how much truth there is in the gossip.

She works as a TV journalist and anchor for CBS New York. She has secured the channel’s end-of-week morning show, having recently filled in as an anchor for reports on various time schedules.

She has been a CBS correspondent for nearly thirty years and is regarded as a pillar on their New York-based channel. The rumors about her leaving the show have caused concern among her fans and co-stars. So we should delve deep and uncover the truth about her future.

Full NameCindy Hsu
Date of BirthMay 6, 1966 (age 56)
Place of BirthHonolulu, Hawaii
NationalityChinese American
OccupationNews anchor, reporter

Is Cindy Hsu Leaving CBS?

Is Cindy Hsu Leaving CBS, Where Is She Going To Work? Cindy Hsu declared that she is leaving the end of the week show at CBS New York. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean she is leaving CBS, yet she is set to secure one more show for the channel.

She posted a video on her Instagram profile reporting that Sunday’s show would be her last end of the week show. In the video, she and her companion Andrea Grymes discussed the show and their future.

The two uncovered that Andrea will supplant Cindy at the Weekend show, and Cindy is moving to a 9 am work day show beginning Monday, September 12.

In this way, fans need not stress that she is leaving CBS New York. She isn’t leaving the channel in any case, as a matter of fact, simply changing to a new timeslot from ends of the week to non-weekend days.

Following her declaration to move from ends of the week to non-weekend days, numerous companions had decent comments about the Canadian-American journalist. News characters like Kristina Behr, Cory James, and Kristin Cole praised her on her future undertaking.

Cindy Hsu Partner: Was She Ever Married Husband And Children Cindy

Cindy, 56, is quite reserved when it comes to matters of the heart. Therefore it is difficult to tell whether Cindy is actually dating, has a partner, or was once married.

However, she adopted a daughter as a single parent, named ROSIE whom she spends most of her free time with.

Her two-section story, Bringing Rosie Home, uncovered that she embraced her little girl from China and raised her.

The series won the New York AP Broadcasters Award for Best Feature and was designated for an Emmy.

Hsu’s folks moved from China, and her dad filled in as a Coast Guard pilot. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on May 6, 1966, and was raised with her more youthful brother David.

She dwells in New York with her girl and a salvage canine named Lilo.

So In a brief, Cindy doesn’t have a partner at the moment and doesn’t seem to have ever been married

How Much Is Cindy Hsu Net Worth In 2022?

The American journalist Cindy Hsu is assessed to be worth around $1 million.

She has been working for CBS for very nearly thirty years and is one of the longest-serving correspondents for the New York-based channel. Thus, it is most likely correct that she brings in a sensible amount of cash as her compensation.

As per Payscale, the typical compensation of a CBS News anchor is $77,871, with a scope of $43K to $185K. So taking a gander at her job and life span, Hsu for sure is one of the greatest workers for the channel.

Cindy Hsu is on Instagram as @cindyhsu37 and Twitter as @HsuTV

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