COVID-19 Vaccines And Women’s Health: Dispelling Myths On Periods, Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

COVID-19 Vaccines And Women’s Health

COVID-19 being a deadly pandemic & less researched, there is still hesitation among people on whether to get vaccinated or not. The number of women taking the vaccines is still lower when compared to men taking the COVID-19. There have been a number of rumors going over the internet about the side effects of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine is all over the internet. From useless social media posts to WhatsApp forwards. The Major concern for women is the impact of the vaccines on periods, fertility, and the impact on pregnant and nursing women. There is a lot of confusion around the side effects of vaccination on women. The fear of vaccination among women is valid but the fear of COVID-19 is also a matter of concern for many women. To bust these myths associated with vaccination let’s look for reliable and trusted sources to make an informed decision.

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Dispelling Myths On Period & Getting COVID-19 Vaccination

Some people have been reporting changes in the pattern of their periods after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. Some observed delayed periods and some heavier bleeding after the COVID-19 vaccination.

The menstrual cycle is due to hormonal issues but is also related to inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes. A hypothesis suggests that the COVID-19 vaccination triggers an immune response, which is then related to an inflammatory response like fever & fatigue, which in turn impacts regulation of mensuration in people who get COVID-19 vaccination.

Scientists believe that the COVID vaccine’s effect on periods is limited to few cycles and isn’t something to be concerned about. Also, it’s completely safe to take vaccination during your periods. It is believed that change in periods is short-lived and has no major side effects in the long term. It is best to stay calm, take a lot of rest & remain stress-free for a healthier period.

Dispelling myths on Fertility, Pregnancy & getting the Covid-19 vaccination

No links have been found between the vaccination and its interaction with the reproductive system and hence no impact on fertility. The rumors going around are completely false in the context of fertility.

It is strictly advised for pregnant women to consult a doctor before getting vaccinated as there are multiple complications and every pregnancy is different. You can keep on consulting about any new information about the COVID vaccine throughout the pregnancy.

In the hindsight, the infection of Covid-19 can impact the pregnancy negatively. The babies of COVID-positive women are known to be born prematurely which can impact the health of the baby in the long term. Since pregnancy with Covid-19 is a highly risky condition, it is recommended to get vaccinated. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of contacting COVID-19 due to immunosuppression. Hence, getting a vaccination against the COVID-19 infection is more beneficial for pregnant women than not getting vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccine is considered safe at any stage for already pregnant women.

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Dispelling Myths On Breastfeeding & Getting The COVID-19 Vaccination

Rumors have been going around encouraging new mothers to not breastfeed their babies. The first milk that the baby receives from the mother should be within an hour of the birth. The Colostrum (first stage of milk) is highly nutritious and provides the baby with important antibodies, which in turn helps it fight infections. So, to maintain the health of the baby it is highly advised to breastfeed the baby.

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Breastfeeding women can definitely take the COVID-19 vaccine and are recommended for breastfeeding women. There is no method through which the vaccine can pass down while breastfeeding to the baby. However, the huge benefit of getting a COVID vaccination is the passage of antibodies to the baby through breast milk. Therefore, it is advised to not stop breastfeeding in order to get the vaccination.

Vaccination creates an antibody response in the women who have already taken the COVID-19 vaccination. The antibodies present in the women’s bodies that fight COVID infection are then transferred to their babies via breast milk. The antibodies present in the milk when passed down to the baby, gives it passive immunity and can help in protecting the baby from COVID infection.

Mothers infected with covid can care for their babies by washing hands for 20 seconds before feeding the baby, wearing a mask while nursing & keeping the baby in another room. A non-infected family member can take care of the baby and introduce the baby to the mother only while breastfeeding. Taking vaccination in every case, be it during periods or after periods, pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy, and even when lactating is considered to be completely safe. However, in complex situations like pregnancy, it is advised to consult your healthcare provider for a better perspective. As every case of pregnancy is different.

It is also advised for pregnant women to take the COVID vaccine so that they can pass down the antibodies to their babies. The antibodies are passed down by lactating mothers to the newborn through breast milk.

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