Craig Breen Parents, Ray, and Jackie: Who Are They?

Who are Craig Breen Parents? Breen hailed from County Waterford in Ireland and made a name for himself as a skilled rally driver, competing in various events including the World Rally Championship (WRC) and the European Rally Championship (ERC).

Throughout his rally career, Breen achieved numerous notable accomplishments, such as emerging victorious in the Circuit of Ireland rally in 2015 and 2017, as well as triumphing in the Rally Sanremo and Rally di Roma Capitale in the ERC.

Sadly, on April 13, 2023, Craig Breen passed away in a car accident while his driver escaped unscathed. His family and close friends received an outpouring of condolences and prayers from the public.

Craig Breen Parents, Ray, and Jackie: Who Are They?

Craig Breen, a prominent Irish rally driver, was born in Slieverue, Ireland, to Ray Breen and Jackie Breen, both of whom have kept a low profile and have not shared much information about themselves publicly. Ray Breen was a national champion in Irish rallying, and his son followed in his footsteps.

Craig’s parents’ influence on his career path was significant, and he often mentioned them in interviews. Breen’s father was a successful rally driver himself, and he served as an inspiration and guide for his son.

Breen’s mother was also supportive of his passion for rallying and encouraged him to pursue it. According to Craig, his parents’ unwavering support and guidance were instrumental in his success as a rally driver.

Meet Craig Breen’s Sister, Kellie

Craig Breen grew up with his sister Kellie, with whom he had a close relationship. Kellie is married to Darragh, and the couple has a son named Bobbie, whom Craig was close to and often spent time with. They attended festivals together and supported each other mutually.

Craig Breen’s Tragic Demise

On April 13, 2023, Craig Breen passed away at the age of 33, following an accident during a pre-event test for the 2023 Croatia Rally. While driving his Hyundai i20 N Rally1 rally car, the front left of his vehicle collided with a pole on the road between Stari Golubovec and Lobor, resulting in his fatal injury. James Fulton, his co-driver, fortunately remained uninjured.

Breen’s accomplishments as an Irish rally driver were noteworthy, including winning various championships such as the Fiesta Sporting Trophies in Ireland, Britain, and internationally, as well as the WRC Academy Cup in 2011, where he won his first event at the Rallye Deutschland and the championship with a win at the Wales Rally GB.

Condolences and Support

Following Craig Breen’s tragic passing, the President of Motorsport Ireland, Aiden Harper, extended his condolences to Craig’s family, including his parents, Ray and Jackie, his sister Kellie, brother-in-law Darragh, and nephew Bobbie. He also expressed his support for Craig’s co-driver, James Fulton.

Craig Breen’s family has chosen to keep a low profile during this challenging time, and his sister has not made any public statements regarding her brother’s death.

In a nutshell, Craig Breen was a talented and respected Irish rally driver whose passion for rallying was fueled by his parents’ unwavering support and guidance. His untimely demise is a significant loss to the rally driving community and those who knew him personally. His legacy as a world-class driver and person will be remembered for years to come.

Who Are Craig Breen Parents, Ray, And Jackie?

Craig Breen was born in Slieverue, Ireland, to his parents Ray Breen and Jackie Breen. Ray Breen is a former national champion in Irish rallying, but not much is publicly known about Jackie and Ray as they have maintained a low profile.

As Craig was not active on social media, there were limited public photos and information available about his parents. Nonetheless, it was clear from his interviews that his parents were very supportive of his career choice and path.

Craig frequently spoke about the significant impact his parents had on his life and career, particularly his father, who was an accomplished rally driver himself. Growing up, Craig saw his father as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Craig’s mother also encouraged him to pursue his passion for rallying, and both of his parents’ support and guidance helped him achieve his goals and become a successful rally driver.

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