How to cure lower back pain - best exercises and foods to eat for quick relief

How to cure lower back pain may just take foods and exercise. The common sign or symptom of lower back pain is a painful dull pain or stabbing sensation between the region below your ribcage.How to cure lower back pain - best exercises and foods to eat for quick relief

Often times lower back pain is the most common reason workers in the United States request time off from work; it usually manifests as a dull ache in the region below the ribcage or in the lumbar region; it may keep you from standing properly or from moving around freely, but it normally resolves on its own.

Lower back pain can be acute or chronic type. Acute lower back pain arises suddenly, usually during an activity such as weight lifting, and goes away quickly. Chronic lower back pain occurs when the pain returns spontaneously for more than 6 weeks.

Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including strains from labor-intensive side activities, poor sitting and walking posture, which is more likely to occur if you are a frequent computer user, and structural issues, such as a bulging disk, a ruptured disk, osteoarthritis, kidney infection, sciatica, osteoporosis, cancer, sleeping disorder, and more.

Generally, lower back problems usually go away on their own, but if you have a severe case, such as discomfort that is accompanied by a fever, numbness, overall weakness, or weight loss, you should see a doctor. Furthermore, you can cure lower back pain with a variety of physical activities and foods; in some cases, foods and exercises are all that is required to cure lower back pain. As a result, in this piece, we will address exercises and foods to try for quick relief.

Reasons why exercises and foods are important for people with lower back pain.

Although it is usually recommended to take a rest whenever you experience the symptoms of lower back pain, good exercise and food, structured towards the nature of the back pain are highly recommended. Well-planned meals and structured exercises have a number of benefits, which include: improves nutrient circulation, blood flow, and mobility, muscle strength, and support, and helping the body release pain-relieving hormones.

Research has shown that back pain affects all but is more prone in women. On that note, it is advised you increase calcium and vitamin D intake as a deficiency is one of the most common causes of back pain later in life, particularly for women.

Diets rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables may help with low back pain. A study, presented at the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) digital conference in February 2021, discovered a link between what people ate and their odds of developing low back pain. So for a strong and healthy spine, avoid strenuous jobs and foods with much-refined oil.

Having considered the benefits of eating well and exercising, let’s discuss the best exercises and food to cure lower back pain.

Top exercises for lower back pain relief

1. Knee-to-chest stretches

Knee-to-chest stretches

Knee-to-chest stretches is an exercise that aids in stretching/elongating the lower back, this ensures that every muscle and joint is straightened out, which helps to speed up the healing process.
Knee-to-chest stretches is done using the following procedure:

  •  Prepare a flat surface, preferably a large desk, or the floor is also suitable.
  • Lie down backward on the flat surface.
  • Bend your knees, while also keeping your feet flat on the flat surface
  • Using both hands, pull one of your knees towards your chest.
  • Hold on for 5 seconds, strengthen your abdomen in the process to ensure your spine is touching the flat surface.
  • After five seconds, release your knee and start over with the second leg.
  • You may do this with each leg 5 times a day.

2. Lower back rotational stretches

Rotational stretches to cure lower back pain

The lower back rotational stretch helps to improve stability by working up the lower back muscle.
To perform the lower back rotational stretch, follow the procedure below:

  • Prepare a flat surface, either a large desk or a clean floor
  • Lie down backward on the flat surface with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • While keeping your shoulders pinned to the floor gently roll the bent knees to one side.
  • Remain in the same position for 5-10 seconds
  • Return back to the starting position and perform the same step while rolling in the opposite direction.
  • You may perform this activity about 5 times daily on each side.

3. Pelvic tilts

Pelvic tilts for lower back pain

The pelvic tilts help to improve flexibility in the lumbar region, to perform this exercise, follow the procedure below:

  • Prepare a flat surface, either a large desk or clean floor
  • Lie down backward on the floor, keep your knee bend, your feet flat, and your arms by your sides.
  • Gently arch your lower back while pushing your stomach out.
  • Hold on to that position for 5 seconds.
  • Flatten your back, and thereafter pull the navel inward, towards the floor
  • Hold on to that position for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat the procedure daily, and on each day, ensure to increase the number of repetitions.

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4. Cat stretches

Cat Stretches

The cat stretches have three benefits, it helps stretch the back, strengthen it and increase muscle tension.
To perform the backstretch, observe the following procedure:

  • Get on your hand and knees, while keeping the knees and hips wide apart.
  • Arch your back, while pulling the navel up towards the spine.
  • Gradually relax the muscles, allowing the abdomen to sag.
  • Repeat the procedure 5 times, twice daily.

5. Superman stretches

Superman stretches to cure lower back pain

The Superman exercise helps increase spinal and pelvic support by strengthening the back extensors.
To perform the superman, follow the procedures below:

  • Prepare a flat surface, either a large desk or a clean floor.
  • Lie face-flat on the surface while stretching both arms out above your head, and keeping the leg stretch-out and flat on the surface.
  • Raise the arms and feet, keeping them about 6inch above the surface.
  • Pull in the navel.
  • Keep the head straight while looking at the floor.
  • The hands and feet should be stretched outward as far as possible.
  • Hold on for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this about 10 times daily.

For clarity’s sake, these exercises may cure lower back pain in some people depending on the nature of the discomfort. If after trying these stretches for days and you’re still in pain consult your doctor immediately.

Top foods good for lower back pain

Fresh fruits and vegetables:  “Eating 4 to 6 cups of colorful vegetables and fruits without any added sweets will practically guarantee a supply of anti-inflammatory nutrients, along with many other advantages,” explains Lachman. “This should primarily consist of vegetables, particularly those in the cruciferous family like watercress, broccoli, and arugula, which have extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties,” she says.

Foods rich in omega-3: According to Lachman, “I recommend avoiding refined oils altogether,”, “but increasing omega-3s can assist offer a better anti-inflammatory balance.” Research published in the BMJ in November 2018 shows increasing omega-3 consumption while decreasing omega-6 consumption lowers the inflammatory response to a high-fat meal . “Cold-water fish like salmon, sardines, and cod come highly recommended for increasing omega-3 intake.” Hemp, flax, and chia seeds are examples of plant-based choices, according to Lachman.

Whole grains: Fiber-rich foods including oatmeal, brown rice or wild rice, millet, and other unprocessed grains can help reduce or cure lower back pain. Beans: They’re abundant in fiber and antioxidants, as well as other anti-inflammatory compounds. Backing this up, A study by NCBI shows that a whole-grain diet significantly decreases the concentration of inflammatory markers.

Anti-inflammatory spices: Spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper could help to reduce inflammation. Turmeric is another wonderful example; it may be used in savory dishes or blended into a smoothie, according to Lachman. Lower back pain can also be exacerbated by the way you prepare certain foods. Frying, roasting, microwaving, searing, or grilling meats, fish, or eggs releases molecules termed advanced glycation end products (AGEs), according to a 2017 meta-analysis published in Scientific Reports. AGEs are naturally produced by your body and can be found in raw animal products, cooking, particularly at high temperatures, creates new AGEs.

High amounts of the chemicals in the body’s tissues and blood can cause an inflammatory response and are thought to exacerbate inflammation.

To reduce this effect, the Arthritis Foundation recommends preparing meat recipes that call for steaming, simmering, or braising, as well as limiting processed foods, which are frequently exposed to a high cooking temperature to extend their shelf life.

Foods to avoid for back pain

While you are on the journey to cure lower back pain, avoid the following foods;

  • Sugary Foods and those made with artificial sweeteners
  • Vegetable oils high in omega 6 fatty acids
  • Foods high in refined grains such as Pizza, cereal, and white bread
  • Dairy Products
  • Processed Corn
  • Red Meat
  • Foods With Chemicals

Tips to prevent lower back pain

  • Engage in regular exercise
  • Watch your weight regularly
  • Avoid narcotics
  • Practice healthy sleeping
  • Watch your posture
  • Get a relaxing seat if you work long hour sitting down
  • Take regular breaks while using your computer or phone
  • Be careful while lifting weight

Final notes…

Lower back pain can be severe and quite challenging, but it can be prevented, managed or cured with mild exercises, and good foods.


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