In yet another shocking incident, an 18-year-old youth from Delhi diagnosed with a rare and potentially life-threatening heart complication after recovering from the deadly virus infection. Doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said COVID-19 led to inflammation of cardiac muscles in the boy which gave rise to the rare heart disease.

According to the family, the disease came to light when the boy fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. According to the reports, the tests have revealed that the boy had a weak, poorly functioning, and enlarged heart post-COVID recovery. “His heart had started to fail with reduced pumping leading to a build-up of fluids in the lungs which kept him out of breath,” the hospital said in a statement issued on Monday. The doctors have confirmed that the boy developed myocarditis after getting infected with the coronavirus.

Myocarditis In COVID-19 Patients — Know All About It

Myocarditis in COVID patients is the result of a viral infection. The doctors said that the boy had recalled an episode of fever, giving a clue that it may be a post-Covid infection cardiac complication. “We conducted an antibody test for COVID-19 on him. The antibody levels were unusually high confirming the suspicion of post-Covid cardiac involvement,” the statement read.

“Many times, patients suffer from what doctors describe as unexplained tachycardia (fast heartbeat) and postural hypotension (fall in blood pressure), but the occurrence of myocarditis and heart failure post-Covid is rare. It is a life-threatening complication needing urgent attention,” Ashwani Mehta, senior consultant, Department of Cardiology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said.

The inflammation of cardiac tissues can lead to congestive heart failure, a term used to describe the failing heart pump, symptoms of which are breathlessness, swollen face, and feet. “It can also cause abnormalities of cardiac rhythm which, if not treated appropriately in time, can even lead to cardiac arrest,” Mehta added.

What Causes Myocarditis — The Rare Heart Failure In COVID Patients

Covid-19 can leave an infected patient with several health complications sometimes they are non-severe, but at times serious complications can also develop post-recovery. One of the most concerning among these post-COVID health complications is myocarditis. This rare heart disease is generally defined as an inflammation of the muscles present in the heart and is also associated with a viral infection.

According to the reports, around 60% of the patients or COVID-19 survivors developed myocarditis post-recovery. Here’s what you need to know about this rare and life-threatening heart disease.

What Is Myocarditis – Signs, And Symptoms To Know

Myocarditis is a heart disease that is caused when there is an inflammation in the muscles which are present in the heart. COVID-19 not only infects your lungs, but it can also wreak havoc on your heart too. Thus when the infection gets mixed in the bloodstream, the immunity system tries to respond back which can lead to inflammation and cause myocarditis. These are generally abnormal cell growths in the heart muscles. Some of the warning signs and symptoms are:

  1. Chronic chest pain
  2. Unexplained weakness and fatigue
  3. Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  4. Swallow ankles

Watch the video below to know how coronavirus infection affects your heart.

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