Details Of People Larry Ray Has Hurt – In his book “$ex, Lies and the College Cult,” Peacock describes how Lawrence Ray established a $ex cult from his daughter’s room, persuaded some students to join him, and then physically and psychologically assaulted them.

All of these incidents are detailed in Peacock’s book. Surprisingly, Ray came across as rather impressive in person, and he had no issue swaying impressionable young minds to follow his lead.

In spite of this, the authorities acted and detained Ray in February 2020 on many counts of $ex trafficking and extortion when it was discovered that Ray had severely abused his victims physically and mentally.

On the other hand, one might ponder how his victims have fared since his arrest, as well as where they are at the present time. We are here with the answers, so there is no need to worry.

People Who Have Been Hurt by Lawrence Ray

Talia Ray, daughter of Lawrence, attended Sarah Lawrence University in New York, where she was quite well-liked and counted a large number of close friends among her circle. As a result, she made the decision to take advantage of housing on campus and moved into the Slonim Woods 9 cooperative housing complex with her group, which included her ex-boyfriend, Santos Rosario, as well as Daniel Levin, Isabella Pollok, and Claudia Drury. Her group also included Claudia Drury. As a result of Talia’s devotion to her father and the frequency with which she discussed him, the majority of these individuals had a good understanding of Ray and the way he lived his life. They were aware that he was serving the remainder of his sentence at the time and that he was incarcerated at the time.

They were unaware, however, that this would ultimately lead to the demise of the majority of them. In 2010, when Lawrence Ray was released from prison, he made the decision to move in with his daughter while she was attending college. He formed a close bond with the other individuals while sleeping on a mattress in her room. In point of fact, he came close to becoming a member of the group by preparing a steak dinner for them and entertaining them with elaborate stories from his past. After that, Ray also began providing counselling to the residents of the dorm and assisted them in coping with the challenges that young adults encounter on a daily basis.

Ray even went so far as to exaggerate his standing with famous people and spoke about profound philosophical topics, both of which contributed to the impression that he was quite impressive. As a result, Santos Rosario, who was stunned by the fact that Ray’s life had been affected in such a positive way, introduced him to his sisters, Felicia and Yalitza Rosario. On the other hand, Daniel Levin considered himself extremely fortunate to have found someone who cared about him and was willing to discuss all of his problems with Ray. Unhappily, things did not take long to take a turn for the worse as Ray did not keep his true nature hidden for very long, which did not take very long at all.

Ray began to court the other residents of the dorm and eventually persuaded them to indulge in some of his many $exual fantasies, which included engaging in group $ex and having $exual encounters with strangers. Things went from bad to worse after Ray moved into a new apartment in New York City and invited his daughter and her six friends to live with him rent-free. This caused Ray’s living situation to become even more chaotic. As a result, Claudia, Felicia, Yalitza, Santos, Daniel, and Isabella started living together in a cramped apartment in New York City alongside Talia and Ray. At that point, Ray initiated his method of brainwashing, and he successfully persuaded everyone to carry out his orders.

In addition to this, Ray led them to believe that they were responsible for the harm that was done to Ray’s family or property in some manner. As a result, those who were wronged were more than willing to perform their sentences in order to make amends. Even though Ray was dating Felicia at the time, he made her have $ex with other people against her will, and he also forced Claudia to work as a prostitute against her will. In addition, while they were staying in the apartment in New York, Yalitza, Santos, and Daniel were subjected to both physical and verbal abuse.

Surprisingly, Isabella agreed with Ray’s decisions and became his right-hand woman, even though she was already close with his daughter. In 2013, Ray coerced his victims into working without pay at the property owned by his stepfather in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The gruelling physical labour and never-ending torture became too much for some of the prisoners, and they attempted suicide as a result. In addition, some victims, such as Yalitza and Daniel, were able to escape Ray’s control by the year 2016, while other victims remained under his influence until the abuser was finally apprehended in the year 2020.

Who Are Lawrence Ray’s Victims and Where Are They Now?

After Ray was apprehended, Claudia Drury consented to testify against her abuser and told the jury about her harrowing ordeal. She did so after the police had arrested Ray. Her testimony was essential as it played a significant role in Ray’s conviction on 17 charges related to $exual trafficking and extortion. Claudia is currently employed in the publishing industry and resides in New York City. There, she has created a life for herself and is gradually recovering from the difficult experiences she has had in the past.

Felicia Rosario, a graduate of both Harvard University and Columbia University’s medical school, went back to be with her family after Ray was arrested in the year 2020 and even testified against him in court. Even though the ordeal she went through in the past is still fresh in her mind, she is determined to triumph over the darkness. As a result, she became a Senior Associate at Princeton Consultants in July 2022 and currently resides in New York City. Her previous position was in New Jersey.

Details Of People Larry Ray Has Hurt - Know Where They Are Located Right Now

Yalitza Rosario shared the same goal as her sister, which was to ensure that Ray was held accountable for his actions. As a result, she testified about her harrowing ordeal during his trial and contributed to the verdict that resulted in him being sentenced to prison in 2022. During the course of her testimony, Yalitza stated that she is unable to forget the abuse because it continues to prevent her from developing into the best possible version of herself. On the other hand, it seems as though she is making a slow but steady recovery, and she currently lives in Yonkers, New York, where she is employed as a Network Operations Center Engineer at Red Key Solutions.

Santos Rosario took the brunt of Ray’s rage, as the former felon tortured him whenever he needed Felicia to tow his line. Ray’s anger was directed primarily at Rosario. Despite the fact that Santos escaped Ray’s control in 2015, he was coerced into rejoining the cult in 2019 after making contact with Ray through the medium of a newspaper article. On the other hand, he came to realise his error over time and even testified in person at the trial of his abuser. In contrast to his sisters, Rosario values his privacy when it comes to matters pertaining to his personal life, despite the fact that it appears that he, too, is residing in the state of New York.

During her freshman year at Sarah Lawrence College, Talia Ray discussed her father with anyone who spent time with her and listened to her. She would explain that he was a truth teller who had been silenced by a group of powerful men who were vindictive toward him. His valiant efforts to save her and her younger sister from their abusive mother led to his incarceration, which was the direct result of widespread corruption within the government. He had been sentenced to prison as a result of these efforts. Talia, who was old for a freshman and had grown up in New Jersey, had become the de facto leader of her group of friends and was organising their housing for the following year at Slonim Woods 9, a drab two-story brick dorm in the middle of campus. Slonim Woods 9 was a dorm that was located in the middle of campus. When Talia informed her housemates in late September 2010, at the beginning of her sophomore year, that her father was getting out of prison and would need to stay with them for a while, they were mostly unfazed by the news. Talia’s father had been incarcerated for a period of time.

After only a few days of freedom, Larry Ray found his way onto the Sarah Lawrence College grounds. He established a permanent presence in the communal space, where he prepared steak dinners and placed expensive delivery orders for Talia and her seven roommates. While they ate, he told them stories in a thick Brooklyn accent about his long and decorated history as a government agent, his former work as an international CIA operative, how he recovered Stinger missiles off the black market, and how he engineered a cease-fire in Kosovo. He had a long and decorated history as a government agent. His history included his former work as an international CIA operative. It was his passion to extol the virtues of the Marine Corps and he frequently made references to the close friendships he had with senior-level U.S. military officials.

In 2013, Daniel Levin escaped the cult and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence University. After that, he attended the University of California, Irvine to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry before beginning work for the New York State Department of Education. In addition, in the year 2021, Daniel published his autobiography titled Slonim Woods 9, in which he described his harrowing experience in detail. Despite this, he can be found living in Los Angeles where he is working hard toward his goal of making a living as a poet. Read More

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