Hunter Avallone has been happily married to his wife Developer Carissa Avallone since 2020. Hunter Avallone and Carissa have two children Rose Keely and Hunter William Avallone.

Hunter is a famous YouTuber known for posting videos that consist of different political thoughts and controversial topics.

The birth of their two children was revealed to the world when Hunter posted their newly born pictures on social media platforms.

He covers different types of topics and even collaborates with different content creators to have a discussion. As of 2022, he has 558k subscribers on his channel.

Developer Carissa Avallone Is Hunter Avallone Wife – Here’s Everything About Her

Hunter Avallone met his wife Carissa Avallone sometime around 2019.

Other than making videos on YouTube, Carissa first profession is working as a developer.

Her official Instagram account is private, but she has written on her bio that she works as a developer and has even put her Twitter and Youtube link there.

Carissa Avallone holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Hunter posted a picture on Instagram with Carissa in her graduation gown. The couple posed for a photo, and Hunter captioned that he was proud that his wife was finally a college graduate.

It seems that the couple started to date around 2018. Hunter had never posted Carissa’s pictures before their daughter was born.  Their first daughter was born on March 2, 2019, and Hunter posted a picture of him holding his newborn baby. He mentioned that his first daughter, Rose Keely Avallone, was born at 1:39 AM.

A few months after giving birth to their first daughter, Hunter proposed to his girlfriend Carissa, and she responded with YES.

More About Hunter Avallone

Hunter Avallone is a famous American YouTuber who makes videos about controversial topics.

Hunter has also participated in the Uncensored Debate held by the University of Tennessee. It is like a debate competition where Hunter’s opponent was John Doyle, and they argued about traditionally constructed social roles.

He was the eldest of six other siblings and was raised in a conservative family.

Hunter officially started a YouTube career back in 2014. In the beginning, his videos were apolitical, but after a year, he posted his first video with political opinions in it. His political videos included conversations about how liberals have negatively affected different aspects of life.

Hunter spoke out on different topics which attracted criticism and support toward him.

His speech on different topics made him attract many hate comments and online fights with right-wing commentators, and his Twitter account was banned two times. Once in 2019 and the second one in 2020.

In 2020, he was a part of a Tim cast podcast where he spoke about the Biden-Ukraine controversy.

He stepped away from the topic of conservatism from 2019 to 2010. Within the same period, he had an online feud with different people.

Hunter was also a part of debates with notable figures like Former Fox News contributor Jon Miller, Karlyn Borysenko, Red-Pill content creator Sneako, and many more. Most of the debates were arguments on different social and political topics.

In February 2022, he took a break from social media to take a mental health break, and he came back a month later. During that time, he faced a mass decline in views.

Hunter has 558K subscribers on YouTube, earning almost $30,300 annually from it. Home 

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