Did Gunter Nezhoda Have Cancer Illness? Wife and Children Details

Did Gunter Nezhoda Have Cancer Illness? Gunter Nezhoda, a star of Storage Wars, died at the age of 67. After battling lung cancer, the actor passed away. Look closely at Gunter Nezhoda’s passing and obituary.

Famous actor Gunter Nezhoda was born in Vienna, Austria. In addition, he is well known for his appearances on Bass with numerous other artists, including Pat Travers, Leslie West, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, and Kevin Dubrow.

Nezhoda is also well-known for his roles in a number of films and the A&E television program “Storage wars.” In addition, he had a strong interest in photography.

In addition to his acting work, the actor also worked as a photographer for companies like Microsoft, Big-O Tires, Ford, and many others. Numerous magazines and advertisements also showcased Nezhoda’s amazing photographic talent.

Furthermore, Gunter’s portraits are renowned for their high impact and his ability to capture any expression on a client’s face while always capturing it at the ideal time.

Did Gunter Nezhoda Have Cancer Illness?

Hollywood entertainment world has lost another gem, Gunter Nezhoda, at the age of 67. Nezhoda has saddened and shocked his fans and family members.

Gunter tragically died in his sleep on Tuesday night. The actor’s unexpected death has left everyone silent, and prayers are poured on his social media handles. 

So, according to the sources, he died after losing his battle with cancer. Furthermore, he was a smoker for 30 years.

As per his son, Gunter was diagnosed in September, and the chemotherapy generated holes in his lungs.

Gunter recently traveled to Utah for emergency surgery; sadly, the doctors revealed that he was in the last stage and nothing could be done to save the actor.

Additionally, he was survived by his sons and his youngest son, Ricky, was by his side when he died.

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Obituary: Family Mourns Gunter Nezhoda

Gunter Nezhoda recently passed away surrounded by his family, and they are currently mourning the actor’s death.

TMZ exclusively confined the news. When the obituary was announced, tributes and condolence began pouring on social media for the late actor.

It is reported that Gunter was with his son in bed when he passed away. His son, Rene Zezhoda, also paid tribute to his late father. He said that his dad was one of the guys on the Storage Wars who never got hate.

He also went on to reveal that everyone loved working with his dad. As of now, there are no details of the actor’s funeral services. More details will be given soon as the family seems to be seeking privacy at this tragic moment.

Meet His Wife and Children 

Gunter Nezhoda was married, and he had a family who survived him. Nevertheless, there is nothing more available about Nezhoda’s wife. 

We know he had two sons named Ricky and Rene. As per the latest report, the Storage Wars star’s youngest son, Ricky, was with him at the time of his death. His oldest son Rene confirmed Nadezhda’s death to TMZ, and his oldest son, Rene, is thankful for the fan’s support as they continuously pour condolence to his father. 

Similarly, Nezhoda was close to his sons, and Rene also shared that Gunter was one of the guys on Storage Wars that never really got any hate. 

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