Did Richard Myre Suicide - What Happened? Case Update

Richard Myre Suicide Case – What Happened?  There are many people interested in the Richard Myre suicide case. Three men are the subjects of a federal investigation into alleged financial transactions related to a murder-suicide in Bloomington.

In a murder-suicide, a father and son were killed, and the motive of the shooter may have been identified.

The shooter is a 44-year-old resident of Belle Plaine.

New information from the police indicates that a Belle Plaine man may have been motivated by difficult financial circumstances to kill a father and son in Bloomington last week before killing himself inside a parked pickup truck.

According to Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges on Thursday, Richard Myre, 44, shot and killed Dale Dahmen, 55, and Dominick Dahmen, 25, both of Buffalo, Minnesota, on February 3.

Let’s delve into the case of Richard Myre’s suicide to learn more specifics.

Did Richard Myre Suicide – What Happened? Case Update

Police in Bloomington have identified the man who last week shot a father and child in a parking lot before taking his own life.

On February 1, Richard Myre, 44, of Belle Plaine, was awaited by Dale Dahmen, 55, and Dominick Dahmen, 25, in the France Place parking lot.

The Dahmens entered Myre’s pickup truck just after 4:20 pm, and they conversed for roughly an hour and a half, according to Bloomington Police.

Around 5:47 p.m., police suspect Myre showed the Dahmens his revolver before shooting Dale Dahmen in the head.

Dominick Dahmen was then involved in a physical altercation before being fatally shot seven times. Police claim that Myre then shot himself. Authorities say that the three men may have traded stocks.

They urge anyone who believes they are the victims of financial crimes committed by the guys to contact Bloomington Police so they can pass along their information to federal investigators looking into potential financial crimes.

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges stated, “This is a tragedy. “We apologize for your loss on behalf of all the families on the side.”

After Shooting Dale Dahmen And His Son Dominick, Belle Plaine Shot Himself To Death

On Thursday, it was revealed that the man accused of killing a father and son in Bloomington on February 1st before shooting himself in the head was a resident of Belle Plaine.

Before killing himself, Richard B. Myre Jr., 44, allegedly shot and killed Dale Kenneth Dahmen, 55, and his son Dominick Kenneth Dahmen, 25, both of Buffalo, Minnesota.

The CEO claimed that Myre’s involvement in business dealings with the father and son on the stock market was what sparked the shooting.

Near the junction of France Avenue and Interstate 494, Myre entered the parking lot of the France Place business center at 4:15 p.m. in a black pickup truck.

Eight minutes later, the Dahmen family arrived in their minivan. In Myre’s pickup, the older Dahmen sat in the front passenger seat while his son sat in the back.

According to Hodges, Myre pulled out a revolver at 5:47 p.m. when there was “commotion” in the car and shot the father twice, killing him.

After a fight between the two, Myre is accused of shooting the younger Dahmen seven times. Then, according to Hodges, he killed himself.

The pickup contained Myre’s gun and ten spent bullet casings, the chief claimed. Federal investigators are reportedly looking into possible financial crimes involving the three people, according to Hodges.

He pleaded with anyone who thought they might have tricked them to call the Bloomington Police at 952-563-4900 so that information could be passed on to detectives. Home 

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