Can Wearing Bras Cause Cancer? 5 Myths Women Should Not Believe

Is it healthy for a woman to wear a bra or not?

There are numerous rumors that involve women’s bras. Some say that bras can cause cancer; some say that black bras are unhealthy; some others also say that wearing bras could lead to reduction in breast size. Women! Stop panicking. These claims not only have no scientific evidence but also are one hundred per cent untrue.

Bras are a common necessity for women and are not unhealthy. However it cannot be denied that they are acutely uncomfortable and at times it is easier to just not wear it. But, women should also know that wearing a bra or not wearing them is women’s choice. And, just as wearing a bra is not unhealthy, not wearing it is also not and does not lead to any deadly diseases.


Is it healthy for a woman to wear a bra or not?

Can Tight Bras Cause Cancer?

No it definitely cannot. Women often need to wear a bra that is well fitted. They might be acutely uncomfortable but, this does not mean that a well fitted bra can increases the risk of cancer. This is a myth that we women, should not believe.

Can Not Wearing A Bra Make Your Breasts Grow Bigger?

No it cannot! The very idea behind this myth is absolutely wrong. Wearing or not wearing a bra does not have any implications on the size of your breasts. Just like wearing a bra will not reduce the size of your breasts, not wearing a bra will also not increase it. The only way the size of our breasts might change is if there is a change in our weight. If we put on weight then our breasts will definitely become bigger as this is the part of the female body which stores a lot of fat. On the other hand, if we lose weight, the size of our breasts will automatically reduce. Our bra has nothing to do with this change.

Can Not Wearing A Bra Make Your Breasts Saggy?

Another myth that women should not pay attention to is the idea that not wearing a bra can sag your breasts. Just like bras do not have an impact on the size of your breasts; it also does not have an impact on its shape. Saggy breasts are very natural especially during old age, bras are not to blame and it definitely cannot stop it.

Can Sleeping With Bra On Up The Risk Of Cancer?

No it certainly cannot. Sleeping with our bra on is very uncomfortable and that is the only reason why it is suggested that we take it off before we go to bed. However, no scientific data backs the fact that this habit can cause cancer. So, even if you accidentally slept off with your bra on, you can relax!

Can Wearing An Underwire Bra Cause Cancer?

If you develop breast cancer, it is not because of wearing or not wearing a bra especially not because of wearing an underwire bra. No type of bras be it padded bras, non padded bras, underwire bras or sports bras are responsible in causing cancer. Home Page 

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