“Does Hilarie Burton Have Eating Disorder?” Hilarie Burton of One Tree Hill acknowledged having an eating disorder and feeling sad at the time.

Burton, an American actress, played Peyton Sawyer for six years in the One Tree Hill television series, which ran from 2003 to 2006. In 2006, she debuted on television as the host of the program Total Request Live.

Does Hilarie Burton Have Eating Disorder? Illness, Weight Loss & Anorexia Condition Explained

After that, the actress was chosen to portray the role of VJ Hilarie in the 2006 American teen drama Dawson’s Creek. Nevertheless, she received recognition for the drama One Tree Hill, and as of 2022, she has 34 credits, she has been offered numerous other television shows and motion pictures.

Besides acting, Bobbie Chester from Our Very Own movie started her own production company called Southern Gothic Production in 2007, along with her friends Nick Gray, James Burton, Meg Mortimer, and Kelly Tenney.

With amazing acting skills, she won the Outstanding Ensemble Acting Award and Ensemble Acting of the Year Award for the movies Sarasota Film Festival and Hollywood Film Award in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

Hilarie Burton Eating Disorder Facts

An actress, Hilarie Burton, revealed that she had an eating disorder problem while acting for One Tree Hill.

According to the Mirror news report, Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill explained how she got lost while working on the show. Although she was fulfilling her dream of working as an actress, she was disappointed in herself and felt miserable.

Also, in her autobiography, The Rural Diaries, she described that the trajectory of her life changed in 2007 as she felt a bit lost while working on the television series One Tree Hill.

She added that she worked hard all day, and during dusk, she went out with her friends and sang karaoke in bars till the bars were closing. Then, the next day she woke up early and rushed to do her work again. At some point, she felt like a miserable girl who made her suffer from an eating disorder.

How Did Hilarie Burton Lose Weight? Her Fitness Diet

Hilarie Burton, 40, mother of two, is highly involved in her fitness regimen and provided information on the importance of walking daily.

After giving birth to her little baby girl on October 5, 2018, she talked about the post-baby weight loss routine. While she is concerned about maintaining the body figure after the delivery, she talked about the benefits of walking daily.

In an interview, she described that it’s very good for the body just to walk, and it is good for the head to take just thirty minutes a day to walk. She added that it not only improves the body but also makes aware of their surroundings and interact with people.

Besides walking, she also follows the DVDs for keeping in shape, and she revealed that she likes working out at home rather than going to the fitness centers. Burton explained that working at home is cost-effective as well as can maintain privacy.

However, George’s mother admitted that she had never done yoga. Also, she praised her mother and said she is the reason behind the home workout as she grew up watching her mother do workout videos.

Hilarie Burton’s Career As An Actress

Hilarie Burton’s career started in 2000 with MTV’s reality show Total Request Live as a host, and as of 2022, she has 34 credits.

In 2002, she appeared in Dawson’s Creek, and then she was cast in the television series One Tree Hill as Peyton Sawyer. She continued in the show for six seasons. While doing this series, she made her debut in the film Our Very Own in 2005.

With her amazing acting skills, she started doing independent movies such as Normal Adolescent Behavior, The List, and Solstice. Moreover, she was also part of the movie The Secret Life of Bees. Then in 2010, she became famous for her role as Sara Ellis in White Collar.

Furthermore, she starred in the film named Bloodworth. After her fantastic performance in Whiter Collar, she was cast for roles in movies like Grey’s Anatomy, Hostages, Extant, and Forever. She has recently been featured in The Walking Dead and Good Sam.

Along with her acting career, she built her career as a businesswoman, author, and producer.

Meet Hilarie Burton’s Parents Bill Burton and Lisa Burton

In 1982, a talented actress, Hilarie Burton, was born in Sterling, Virginia, America, to the parents Bill Burton and Lisa Burton.

Bill is a veteran of the US Army force and served the United States, whereas Lisa is a real estate agent. The couple has four children together, out of which Hilarie is their first daughter. Then the two gave birth to three sons in a row. So, the actress has three siblings.

Hilarie was raised in Sterling, and she went to Park View High School and completed her high-school education in 2000. When she was in school, she was a student council treasurer during her sophomore year.

The actress was a bright and active student in school as she became a vice-president in her junior year and the main captain of the cheerleading squad. After that, in her senior year, she became student council president and homecoming queen in her graduation year.

Is The Actress Hilarie Burton Married? Her Dating History And Relationship Status

Hilarie Burton started dating her co-actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 2009, and after ten years of dating, the couple got married in 2019.

As the actress revealed, the love birds first met on a blind date set up by their common friend and previous co-stars Jensen Ackles and his wife, Danneel. Then, the couple started dating in the same year.

After getting into a relationship for one year, they gave birth to their first child, son Augustus Morgan on March 14, 2010. After that, on February 16, 2018, they gave birth to their second child, a daughter George Virginia Morgan.

Hilarie Burton with her husband and kids to see Santa in NYC
Hilarie Burton with her husband and kids to see Santa in NYC ( Source : instagram )

Burton revealed the struggle to conceive their second baby through her social media, stating that it took them five years to carry their second baby successfully. A year after the couple gave birth to their second child, they married on October 5, 2019.

Currently, the Morgan family lives in Rhinebeck, New York, on a 100-acre Hudson Valley. Moreover, the pair have been working as co-owners of Samuel’s Sweet Shop and a Rhinebeck candy store since 2014.

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