Elianis Garrido Embarazada: Is TV presenter pregnant at the moment?

Elianis Garrido Embarazada married her husband, Álvaro Navarro, in July 2022. There have been rumors about the Colombian TV personality being pregnant for a long time. Is she expecting a baby?

Elianis Garrido is a renowned Colombian television presenter.

The gorgeous lady is known for her work in the television series Las hermanitas Calle and Sin senos si hay paraíso and the movie Where are the thieves and Santo cachón.

The Colombian Actress is known for presenting popular TV shows, including Who is the Mask?, Yellow, blue and red, and Lo Se Todo.

Recently, the TV presenter collapsed in the studio during a live broadcast. In addition, people are asking if Elianis Garrido is pregnant. Here is everything to know in regard.

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Elianis Garrido Embarazada: Is TV presenter pregnant at the moment?

Elianis Garrido is not pregnant currently. The TV presenter’s pregnancy rumor had been circulating since her marriage last year.

But Garrido revealed if she had a daughter now, she would name her after a famous singer, Aitana.

The 35-year-old presenter is married to her husband (esposo) Álvaro Navarro. The Garrido-Navarro couple tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in July 2022. The television personality and her spouse got engaged in April same year.

Elianis shared a few snaps of her wedding ceremony through her Instagram, where she has millions of followers.

“I said yes! May life reach us to fulfill all our dreams together. Husband, thank you for changing how I see the world,” the presenter wrote alongside her pictures.

It looked like only family, and close friends of Garrido and Navarro were present during the ceremony.

The lovebirds looked happy and contented. While Elianis Garrido was angelic in a dreamy white dress and green high heels, her husband, businessman Álvaro Navarro, looked dashing in a light-blue suit, a white shirt open to the height of the abdomen, and sunglasses to enjoy the sunset.

In one of the photos, Garrido was seen hugging her husband. In other pictures, we can glimpse the ceremony, including the ring, the bouquet of flowers, and a background with a landscape worthy of a postcard.

There were rumors as the lovely duo married just a few months after getting engaged. Many people speculated that Elianis became pregnant, so she rushed her marriage.

However, the Actress-model addressed the rumor and said she was not pregnant. In addition, Garrido said she loves children but doesn’t plan to become a mother anytime soon.

TV Presenter Elianis Garrido Salud (Health) Update

The gorgeous presenter Elianis Garrido said she was recovering well and thanked her supporters through an Instagram post.

Elianis Garrido collapsed in the studio while co-hosting the Colombian TV show Lo Sé Todo on 16 March. A video clip of the model or presenter has been circulating all over the internet.

The Actress-model was seated next to co-presenter Ariel Osorio in the video and can be seen squirming on her stool.

She turned away from the cameras with her hands covering her mouth after becoming clearly uncomfortable.

She sat down briefly before falling off her chair as cast members rushed to her rescue. Osorio stood up while requesting that the station cut to an ad break and checked on Elianis.

Garrido was then relocated to a different area of the set by the crew, with the assistance of a helpful assistant fanning her to keep her cool. She was reportedly taken to a hospital. Elianis’ co-host, Osorio, revealed to the audience that she had breathing issues.

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