Eric Rivera Confession: Sean Taylor was a football free safety who spent four seasons in the National Football League, and fans are curious to learn more about Sean Taylor Killer

When Taylor was a high school athlete, he led Gulliver Prep to a state championship in Florida and established the state mark for touchdowns in a single season.

Taylor participated in college football at Miami, where Sean Taylor was a part of the squad which won the BCS Nationals in 2001.

 Sean Taylor developed a reputation as a hard-hitting player while playing for the Redskins. His teammates gave him the nickname “Meast” meaning “half man, half beast” because of his tackling ability.

 Sean made one Pro Bowl appearance in 2006. He was the fifth overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft and played for the Redskins for four seasons before being killed in 2007.

 Taylor was chosen for a second Pro Bowl and was honored with second-team All-Pro recognition after his death. Taylor was added to the Ring of Fame in 2008.

Who Is Sean Taylor Killer Eric Rivera? Fired The Gunshot And Faced Up To Life In Prison

On Thursday, January 23, 2014, Eric Rivera, who was found guilty of killing former Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor in November 2007, was given a 57.5-year jail term.

Unfortunately, due to security concerns, no private information about the murderer was made available to the public.

Eric Rivera Confession: Here's Everything About Sean Taylor Killer
Sean Taylor killer, Eric Rivera. (Source: ABC News)

According to Ovalle, the prosecution requested a minimum sentence of 60 years from the judge since they didn’t think Rivera would be rehabilitated while serving time in jail.

It claimed that the case’s facts indicated Rivera was a “skilled, cunning criminal.

Days after Taylor’s death, Rivera confessed to authorities in a videotaped statement that he kicked through the bedroom door before firing the fatal shot.

Trespassers shot Taylor at his House in the Miami region during the 2007 Campaign, and the following day, on November 27, he passed away.

His passing sparked an outpouring of support and sadness across the country, particularly in Miami and Washington, D.C., where he had excelled in high school and college and was a fan favourite as a Redskin.

Sean Taylor Killer Eric Rivera Confession

According to the confession made by Sean Taylor’s Killer, Eric Rivera, the five young guys from the Fort Myers region had driven to Taylor’s residence to steal the significant sums of money he kept there.

They assumed Taylor would be away at a game versus Tampa Bay, but they didn’t understand he was at home recovering from a knee injury until it was too late.

When Taylor, 24, was killed, the sporting community was enthralled. The rising star has 299 total tackles in 55 games with the Redskins at that point in his career, along with two sacks, eight forced fumbles, and 12 interceptions.

Sean Taylor killer
Sean Taylor killer Eric Rivera in court. (Source: Bleacher Report)

Following the tragedy, information about Taylor’s involvement in the break-in became public. He was shot in the leg, damaging his femoral artery and killing him.

His partner and their 18-month-old daughter were unharmed.

Five persons were charged in the case, including Rivera. Vanja Hunte admitted guilt to second-degree murder and burglary in exchange for a 29-year jail sentence, while the other three will be prosecuted and charged later. Home 

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