Josh Killacky and his girlfriend Erica Klein have been dating since 2018. Josh Killacky has been on programs like Good Morning America, The Ellen Show and World of Dance.

Josh is a professional dancer who became famous after appearing in popular YouTube videos like “What Do You Mean / Epic HoverBoard Dance Cover.”

Over 1.5 million users follow Josh on his social media accounts, giving him a sizable fanbase.

In the past several years, he has recorded several tracks, including “Talk Body” and “Workin,” both of which have received millions of streams on services like Spotify.

He began a career as a duet singer in 2019, recording several well-liked tunes. He also keeps choreographing dance routines, vlogging, and performing for an expanding fanbase.

Erica Klein: Who Is Josh Killacky Girlfriend?

Josh Killacky has tied a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, Erica Klein.

Erica has also created a name for herself from her feature role in the “Without the Lights” music video by Elliot Moss.

The video “Without the Lights” was choreographed by Philip Chbeeb and went viral, receiving over 48 million views which helped Erica make a mark on her viewers.

She was a choreographer for the World of Dance TV program hosted by Jennifer Lopez.

Before becoming a professional dancer and making a career in dancing, she first trained with renowned dancers Travis Wall and Christopher Scott.

In the past, she was also part of CATASTROPHE, which is Cat Cogliandro dance group. She has also appeared in Alyson Stoner’s music videos.

Josh Killacky and Erica Klein pushes the boundaries of creative choreography on the World of Dance Stage ( Source : thisiswod )

She has contributed and featured her choreography on major venues like Redbull TV and Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance TV program.

Erica has performed dancing in several music videos and on numerous other well-known media platforms, including Disney and Dance On.

She has set up her website under the domain name Klein has put up classes for her followers to learn to dance with her.

She started teaching live dance classes in Los Angeles on April 1. There is also a 1.5-hour contemporary dance workshop available.

Josh Killacky And Erica Klein Relationship

Josh Killacky girlfriend Erica is a dancer and choreographer who has appeared in the music videos for Charlie Puth Attention and Without the Lights by Elliot Moss.

Erica is most recognized for her work on Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance television program.

The pair has yet to disclose when and how they fell for each other and decided to start a relationship. He celebrated his first Valentine’s Day with Erica on February 14 by presenting her with a sweet fair panda doll.

He appeared alongside her partner, Josh, in the Tmilly Productions song, Why Haven’t I Met You by Cameron Dallas.

Erica Klein and Josh Killacky performing on bury a friend by Billie Eilish ( Source : youtube )

They have also worked together on the YouTube video titled “Mount Everest,” “Bury a friend,” and many others.

The couple has been emphasizing their solid connection in their social media postings. Josh and his dancer girlfriend Erica celebrated their four-month anniversary on January 26, 2019. The BoyBroz dancing team member openly declared his love for her and said that Erica had motivated him to become a better person while flaunting their gorgeous photo. Home 

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