Evander Kane Parent And Family: Who Are They?  Evander Kane belongs to an athletic family, with his mom, dad, siblings, uncles, and cousins being athletes in their prime. 

Kane was born to his beloved parents, Perry Kane and Sheri Kane, on the 2nd of August 1991 in Vancouver, Canada. He grew up in East Vancouver with two younger sisters and attended John Oliver Secondary.

The athlete played hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer in high school, and his father, who also played ice hockey, served as his instructor. He made it so far in his career with his father’s guidance. 

Evander, who began skating at three and played minor ice hockey at eight, got drafted by the Thrashers in the 1st round of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. The ice hockey player played for the Atlanta Thrashers, Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets, and San Jose Sharks throughout his career and currently plays for the Edmonton Oilers.

Evander Kane Parent And Family: Who Are They?

Evander Kane hails from an athletic family and has inherited his love for sports from his parents.

Kane’s dad was an amateur boxer and hockey player, and his mom was a college volleyball player. Likewise, his uncle Leonard Kane is the Canadian Ball Hockey Hall of Famer.

Evander Kane Parent And Family: Who Are They? Father, Mother And Sisters
Evander Kane plays for the Edmonton Oilers as a left winger. ( Source : si )

Evander’s cousins, Dwayne Provo and Kirk Johnson, were also athletes. Dwayne spent seven years in the Canadian Football League and played one season in the NFL for the New England Patriots.

Kirk is a former professional boxer who once challenged John Ruiz for the World Boxing Association heavyweight title in 2002. The fighter competed from 1993 to 2010 and boxed at the 1992 Summer Olympics for Canada.

Evander Kane’s Parents Were Athletes In Their Prime

Evander Kane’s parents, Perry Kane and Sheri Kane, were both athletes in their youth.

His father was a hockey player, and his mother was a pro volleyball and basketball player.

Perry began playing hockey with his brother Leonard when he was 16 but didn’t pursue it professionally because it wasn’t easy then; he was also an amateur boxer.

Evander played with his dad one-on-one every day. The duo would have a lot of stick-and-puck shots on an open net and the boards over and again. Papa Kane taught his son how to skate and shoot the puck from age three.

Evander Kane’s Father Perry Kane Was A Hockey Enthusiast 

Evander Kane’s father grew up with his four siblings in East Preston, Nova Scotia, a small, tight-knit community outside Dartmouth.

He was a skilled ice hockey player with talent; however, there were many other things that he had to consider, so he chose a different path. Later, the former athlete moved to East Vancouver with his wife to start a family. 

Furthermore, he coached his son early on and initially wanted to keep the younger Kane out of organized hockey until he turned 10. But his spouse enrolled their kid two years earlier, at eight.

Evander credits his father for his success and his family’s well-being. Hadn’t it been for Perry, Evander wouldn’t have made it this far in his career.

Evander Kane’s Mother Sheri Kane Was A Pro Athlete

Unlike Evander’s father, his mother pursued her love for sports professionally; Sheri was a pro volleyball and basketball player.

She played volleyball at the University of Calgary and was always there for her son whenever he stumbled; as Evander’s father molded him into a professional hockey player, his mom fulfilled his every wish.

His parents named him after the American boxer Evander Holyfield whom he met when he was 18.

Evander has also become a parent. He is a proud father of two. He shares his gorgeous daughter Kensington Ava Kane with his ex-wife Anna; Kensington celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 4th of July 2022. Likewise, his partner Mara blessed him with a baby boy named Iverson Frank Kane on the 25th of May, 2022.

Evander Kane Has Two Gorgeous Sisters

Evander Kane has two younger siblings, sisters Brea Kane and Kyla Kane. His sisters were also athletes. They played soccer and were dancers.

The siblings shared a room while growing up, as they had just two bedrooms and one bathroom for five people. So, they painted one side of the room blue and the other pink.

As Evander enrolled in one of the most costly sports for kids, the family had to adjust their expenses. His father owned a bakery and bread delivery service, and his mother was a dental assistant. The elder Kane also sold cars on the side at a dealership.

Furthermore, their beloved father was a disciplinarian at home and made all his children get all A’s and B’s so that they could have a bright future. However, Brea and Kyla have lived a low life, and what they are up to has remained unknown.

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