What long term effects could coronavirus have on your body?

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, slightly different from many other viruses in circulation as it explicitly attacks the lungs.

Therein lies the cause of most of the long-term complications of COVID-19, which can cause full-body issues from its perch on the respiratory system.

People may find extensive side effects of the disease spread to the brain, and cause general bodily issues such as weakness and fatigue.

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How long-term are long-term symptoms?

While there is no definite confirmation on whether COVID-19 causes permanent damage, people may find they suffer from symptoms for months after contracting the disease.

Intensive care doctor Jake Suett, who helped tackle COVID-19 on the frontlines, said he still feels unwell three months on.

Speaking to Sky News, he said: “I still get out of breath doing the washing up or walking around the house.

“I spent three days just gasping for breath in bed, I really thought I was going to die, it was very distressing.

“Things have improved since then, but not much and only very, very slowly. I’ve had gastrointestinal symptoms and shooting pains in my hands and feet too.”

Source: | Daily Express

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