Quebec is reporting another 720 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday and two more deaths as the health crisis persists.

To date, Quebec has recorded 436,804 infections and 419,156 recoveries bringing the number of active cases to just under 6,100.

Of the new infections, 432 were among people who were not vaccinated or less than two weeks removed from a first dose of vaccine.

Hospitalizations increased by 10 with 20 new patients admitted and 10 discharged. Of the 205 people hospitalized, 46 were in the ICU.

People who are unvaccinated are 15,9 times more likely to be hospitalized after becoming infected with the virus than someone who is fully vaccinated, according to the health ministry’s latest data.

Another 11,094 doses of vaccine were administered in the last 24 hours bringing the total to more than 13,43 million doses.

So far, 88,6 per cent of the eligible population aged 12 and over is adequately vaccinated.

Quebec authorities reported on Thursday that 329 health-care workers have been suspended without pay over their refusal to be tested for COVID-19.

Testing became a requirement for those in the health network who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 after the government backtracked on its vaccination mandate at the beginning of the month.

The province abandoned the measure altogether, saying the health-care network couldn’t afford to lose thousands of non-vaccinated employees.

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