A Trainer’s 5 Best Lower-Body Exercises – Everyone typically has at least one part of their body they’d like to improve. If that happens to be a flat butt, you’re in luck! Simply add the five best lower-body exercises to get rid of a flat butt to your workout routine, and you’ll see noticeable changes in no time. All you need is some motivation and consistency.

For the most effective moves, we spoke with Jacquie Smith, a certified integrative nutrition health coach and a fitness instructor specializing in barre, yoga, and pre/postnatal workouts, who shares five of the best lower-body exercises that’ll help you get rid of a flat backside. Let’s learn why this happens and how to work on improving it.

A flat butt can develop because of several reasons, including bad posture, a sedentary lifestyle, not getting enough exercise, or genetics. Smith explains, “It is also very common in postpartum moms due to breastfeeding, weak core muscles, less time to work out, and not activating the glutes muscles properly. The secret to a round, perky booty is not only doing the above exercises but also making the mind-body connection to your glutes in everyday activities and during workouts.”

Whatever the case may be, we are ready to improve the situation. You don’t need any equipment for these exercises, so they are pretty convenient to perform. Let’s get started!

Wide Second Squat

wide squat illustration

Position your feet wider than hip-width, and point your toes outward. Bring both hands to your heart, and lower your hips so that they align with your knees. Press your knees back. Remain in this position for a moment, making sure to stack your shoulders over your hips, and draw the top of your head toward the sky. Straighten your legs while squeezing your glutes when you rise back up.

Glute Bridges

Lie flat on the floor, bend your knees, and place your feet hip-width distance apart. The tips of your fingers should be able to just barely reach the back of your heels. Keep your shoulders relaxed as you push your forearms and palms into the floor. Then, press your feet down and your hips up, activating your abs, glutes, and hamstrings. At the top of the bridge, squeeze your glute muscles, then slowly lower back down.

Donkey Kicks

woman performing donkey kick exercise to get rid of a flat butt

Get into a tabletop position, and flex your right foot. Your knee should be bent, then lift and lower your knee to line up with your hip or just above it. Hold this position for a moment, squeezing your glute, then lower back down to the position you started in.


While in a tabletop position, straighten out your right leg while pointing your toes toward the area to the right of your back. Next, lift your leg up, and draw a “rainbow” in the air using your big toe. Bring your toe to the back left area behind you. Next, squeeze your inner thighs before drawing another “rainbow” in the air from left to right. Return your leg back to the position you started in.


woman doing split squats, walking lunges at home as part of low-intensity workout

Start this final exercise with your right foot forward, while stepping back with your left leg to assume a lunge. Move your shoulders over your hips, forming 90-degree angles with your legs. Once you’re in the proper position, bring your back knee down about one inch above the ground. Squeeze your inner thighs and glutes as you head back up to the position you started in.

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