What are the different covid vaccines?

Can you donate plasma after covid vaccine?

Several calls related to plasma donation from a particular blood group is a common scene on the media now mostly for critical patients in the ICU.

The fact is donors who receive the COVID-19 vaccine can immediately donate plasma for plasma therapy. The vaccines approved in the U.S. do not require a waiting period to donate plasma. In general, if you feel okay you can donate plasma as long as you meet all other eligibility requirements.

CDC has made recommendations that all COVID-19 vaccine recipients be observed for a minimum of 15 minutes for any immediate adverse reactions.

To elaborate plasma therapy known as ‘convalescent plasma therapy entails treating coronavirus infection procedures.

What is plasma?

Plasma is a component of our blood. Nearly 55% of your blood is plasma. It is yellow in colour. Laboratories can separate plasma from blood with special devices called plasma tubes through a process called centrifugation. It is like blood donation, however, the same plasma gets separated from the blood and the remaining blood will be transferred back to your body resulting in zero blood loss. The plasma contains that antibodies that can help a patient fight the pathogen and recover from the disease. ( wionews)

When your body has fought an infection, the antibodies produced are stored in the plasma. That means if you’ve contracted COVID, then antibodies that can fight the COVID infection will be present in your plasma. The plasma from a person who has recovered from a disease is called convalescent plasma.

How can I donate plasma?

Here are the guidelines issued by the Centre to donate plasma to COVID-19 patients are as follows:
1. Always carry a hard copy of the COVID-19 negative report (RT-PCR or rapid antigen test) within 4 months of the day of donation and your Aadhar Card (front and back).

2. Donate only after 14 days of a COVID-19 positive report if the person is asymptomatic or after 14 days of symptoms if the person is symptomatic.

3. Women who have ever been pregnant cannot donate COVID-19 convalescent plasma.

4. A person who has received COVID-19 vaccination will not be able to donate plasma for 28 days from the date of vaccination.

5. A person can not donate if he/she gets rejected for the lack of adequate antibodies in the blood.

6. Please contact hospital authorities for any other information in advance, on phone.

When can I get vaccinated: before or after menstruation?

Women can get vaccinated at either of the periods or bot. What this means is that vaccination before and after menstruation is fine.

So ignore any information passing that women should not take vaccines 5days before and after periods as the immunity at that time remains low.

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