The older brother of former NFL star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez was arrested last week after allegedly throwing a brick at ESPN headquarters in his native Bristol, Connecticut, according to a local police blotter.

The crime was revealed by TMZ, which reports that Bristol police also conducted a welfare check on Hernandez’s older brother, Dennis, after he allegedly stated that he wanted to smash windows at the Connecticut State Capital in Hartford and at ESPN.

ESPN security reportedly told Bristol police that an Uber was turned away at the campus gates on Wednesday, after which, a passenger exited the vehicle and threw a white plastic bag onto the grounds before returning to the car and leaving.

That passenger is believed to be Dennis or ‘DJ’ Hernandez, who recently penned a book about his late brother Aaron under the name ‘Jonathan Hernandez.’ Nobody was hurt, but DJ now faces a misdemeanor charge of breach of peace. 

Police say the plastic bag contained a large brock and a handwritten note, which appeared to reference the network’s coverage of Aaron, who committed suicide in prison in 2017 after being convicted in 2015 for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

DJ Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

DJ Hernandez (left), the older brother of Aaron (right) was arrested last week in Connceticut

ESPN is headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut, where Aaron and DJ Hernandez were raised

ESPN is headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut, where Aaron and DJ Hernandez were raised

‘To all media outlets,’ the letter began. ‘It’s about time you all realeyes (sic) the affect (sic) media has on all family members. Since you’re a world wide leader maybe you could lead how media and messages are delivered brick by brick. Clean it up!

‘Yours truly, Dennis J. Hernandez,’ the message concluded.

An ESPN security guard told an officer they were ’90-percent positive’ that it was DJ who threw the brick.

Bristol police did not immediately respond to’s request for further information. Likewise, ESPN spokespeople did not immediately respond to’s emailed questions about DJ’s arrest. 

Since its launch in 1979, ESPN has been headquartered in the central Connecticut town of Bristol, where Aaron and DJ starred as high school football players in the early 2000s.

While DJ would go on to play quarterback and receiver at UConn, Aaron became one of the top tight ends in the country at the University of Florida despite his frequent run-ins with the law, including a bar fight 2007 bar fight. Aaron was also wanted for questioning in a 2007 shooting in Gainesville, Florida.

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