For 31 days, millions will take part in sober October, which requires abstaining from alcohol for the whole month.

Navin Khosla, a pharmacist at Now Patient, pointed out that a short break from alcohol can do a world of good for those who take part.

Drinking alcohol excessively, which is regarded as more than 14 units weekly, can put a strain on the liver, which can have an impact on a person’s metabolism.

Drinkers might struggle to lose weight thus, taking a break from alcohol could help people to shed a few pounds.

Alcohol is classified as “empty calories” because it is high in calories but provides little nutrients, if any at all.

“Removing these unnecessary calories from your diet can help accelerate weight loss,” said Khosla.

Alcohol has also been linked to hunger and cravings, so people might be more likely to eat fatty foods if they have been drinking.

Taking a break from alcohol could also improve a person’s mental health, Khosla said.

He elaborated: “Alcohol can slow down how your brain processes information, often creating false emotions and reactions, which can further lead to negative thoughts and feelings.

“The way alcohol causes chemical changes in your brain can lead to greater periods of anxiety and low mood.”

Khosla said: “Cutting out alcohol will likely help lift your mood in the long run, it may take a few weeks for you to feel the effects.

“But once your mind and body are used to being alcohol-free, you will feel these positive changes.”

There can be other benefits to cutting out alcohol, such as clear skin and improved motivation.

Khosla said: “Alcohol can instigate blood flow to the tissues, leading to inflamed skin and blotchiness.

“This, combined with the dehydration caused by alcohol consumption, can lead to dry, blotchy skin with an increased likelihood of acne breakouts due to the body trying to cleanse itself of the chemicals.”

Khosla added: “Cutting out alcohol will likely leave you with clearer skin.”

Abstaining from alcohol could also improve productivity as hangovers could prevent people from doing what they want to achieve the next day.

Four benefits of abstaining from alcohol:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Improved mental health
  3. Clearer skin
  4. Greater motivation.

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