Breaking: Gaza citizens facing ‘total darkness’, warns Palestine Red Crescent chief

The director of the Palestine Red Crescent, Marwan Jilani, told Al Jazeera that it lost contact with its Gazan team two hours ago.

‘We’re extremely worried and concerned for our colleagues,’ he said.

‘Apart from the humanitarian catastrophe that has been happening before the world’s eyes the last few days, we are now facing a total darkness. We don’t know what’s happening.

‘We’re really scared and we’re shaken to the core.’

Jordan’s foreign ministry says outcome of Israel’s ground war will have consequences of ‘epic proportions’

Jordan’s foreign minister accused Israel of launching its long-anticipated ground war against Gaza, adding that the consequence of this will be a ‘humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions.’

US ‘supports pause’ on humanitarian aid to Gaza

The United States supports a pause in Israeli military operations in Gaza to get humanitarian aid, fuel and electricity to civilians there, White House spokesman John Kirby said on Friday.

Kirby also said that if getting hostages out of Gaza requires a localized temporary pause, then the United States is in support of that.

Oxfam ‘deeply concerned’ by Israel’s increased bombardment campaign against Gaza

International charity Oxfam says it is ‘deeply concerned’ with tonight’s developments in Gaza, ‘especially the total loss of communication’ in the Strip.

The NGO called for a ceasefire ‘to protect innocent lives.’

Top NGO says it has lost contact with Gaza colleagues

ActionAid, an NGO that works to alleviate poverty across the world, says it is gravely concerned that it has lost contact with its team in Gaza.

The charity said in a statement: ‘We are gravely concerned for their safety and that of all the people of Gaza as signs grow of a major land escalation following almost three weeks of bombardment.

‘We urgently call for the restoration of communication channels, as this is not only a matter of principle but also one of practical necessity.’

Israel claims missiles that hit Egypt today were launched by Yemen rebels

Israel’s foreign ministry has blamed a missile and drone attack that hit Egypt earlier today on Houthi rebels from Yemen.

The attack hit two towns near the Red Sea, and left six injured.

‘Israel condemns the harm caused to Egypt’s security forces by the missiles and drones launched by the Houthi terrorist organization with the intention of harming Israel,’ a ministry spokesperson said in a statement.

The ministry has not yet provided any evidence for these claims.

Palestinian Red Crescent says it has lost contact with Gaza first responders

The Palestine Red Crescent Society has revealed that it has lost contact with its operations room in the Gaza Strip.

It said in a statement: ‘We are deeply concerned about the ability of our teams to continue providing their emergency medical services, especially since this disruption affects the central emergency number ‘101’ and hinders the arrival of ambulance vehicles to the wounded and injured.’

Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf condemn’s Israel’s increased bombing campaign

Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf wrote today in a post to X, formerly Twitter:

‘Gaza is under intense bombing.

‘Telecommunications have been cut.

‘We can’t get through to our family who have been trapped in this war zone for almost 3 weeks.

‘We can only pray they survive the night.

‘How many more children have to die before the world says enough?’

It comes after he revealed his parents-in-law are currently trapped in Gaza, and have long ‘lost hope.’

Exclusive: Top former British intelligence officer says IDF’s increased bombardment ‘could be start of larger operation’

Coloner Philip Ingram, a former officer in military intelligence, exclusively told MailOnline that the IDF cutting off Gaza’s telecommunications may be a sign that a larger ground operation is on the horizon.

He said: ‘I fully expected them to cut off communications, including the internet, whenever they start their ground invasion. The last couple of nights there have been small incursions, where the Israelis have been probing the Hamas defenses.’

‘Tomorrow is only three weeks after the terrorist attacks by Hamas into Israel. It takes quite a long time to build your ground forces up and get them ready.’

‘It could be the start of the much larger Israeli ground offensive operation.’

Hamas call on international community to stop Israel’s increased bombardment campaign

Hamas called on the world to ‘act immediately’ on Friday to stop Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, as intense strikes pounded the Palestinian territory.

‘We call on the Arab and Muslim countries and the international community to take responsibility and act immediately to stop the crimes and series of massacres against our people,’ Hamas said in a statement.

This image grab from an AFP TV footage shows balls of fire rising above Gaza City during an Israeli strike on October 27, 2023, as battles between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement continue. (Photo by AFP) (Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images)

IDF dismisses rumours of possible deal with Hamas to release over 200 hostages held in Gaza

When asked about a possible deal to release the over 200 hostages being held in Gaza, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari told reporters to ‘disregard rumors,’ claiming Hamas is using psychological terror to win the conflict.

Israeli air force ‘widely attacking’ underground targets

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said: ‘In recent hours we have increased the attacks in Gaza. The air force widely attacks underground targets and terrorist infrastructure, very significantly.

‘In continuation of the offensive activity we carried out in the last few days, the ground forces are expanding the ground activity this evening.’

He added that the IDF was ‘working powerfully in all dimensions’ to achieve its military goals.

Israel says it is expanding military operations ‘tonight’

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the military’s ground forces are ‘expanding their operations tonight.’

It comes short after several large explosions rocked Gaza City.

Hagari said that the IDF had increased its strikes on the region ‘in a very significant way.’

‘We will continue to strike in Gaza City and around.’

He warned citizens of Gaza city to move south as soon as possible.

IDF says Israel is prepared to fight on all fronts

Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said at a press conference: ‘We are prepared to fight on all fronts to preserve Israel’s security.’

‘Our ground forces are expanding their ground operations. The IDF is operating at all dimensions.’

Discussing the al-Shifa hospital, which Israel has insisted Hamas is using as its headquarters, he said: ‘We’ve exposed the underground sphere.’

‘We will continue to attack in Gaza and its surroundings,’ he adds, telling citizens they will find ‘better conditions’ further south.

Gaza’s main emergency service ‘cut off’ by heavy bombardment

The Palestinian Red Crescent, the main emergency service in Gaza, said it was cut off from its operations room in the strip because of the internet blackout.

It comes after several Palestinian telecoms companies said that internet service has been cut off, following heavy bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas says it fired ‘salvo’ of rockets at Israel

Hamas said it has fired a ‘salvo’ of rockets at Israel, following intense bombing of the Gaza Strip.

‘Salvos of rockets in the direction of the occupied territories (Israel) in answer to the massacre of civilians,’ Hamas’s armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, said on its Telegram channel.

Internet and communications cut across Gaza

The Hamas-run government of Palestine said that Israel has ‘cut communications and most of the internet’ across the Gaza Strip.

The government’s media office accused Israel of taking the measure ‘to perpetrate massacres with bloody retaliatory strikes from the air, land and sea,’ as heavy strikes hit northern Gaza.

Internet monitoring firm Netblocks seemingly confirmed the news on X, formerly Twitter, saying that there has been a ‘collapse in connectivity’ in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian telecoms company Jawwal added in a Facebook post that mobile phone service and internet in the Gaza Strip has been cut off due to heavy bombardment.

UN Chief says Gazans facing ‘avalanche of human suffering’

The United Nations secretary general warned on Friday that Gaza faces ‘an unprecedented avalanche of human suffering’ due to lack of food, water and power during Israeli bombing in response to the Hamas attack.

‘I repeat my call for a humanitarian ceasefire, the unconditional release of all hostages, and the delivery of life-saving supplies,’ Antonio Guterres said in a statement.

‘Misery is growing by the minute. Without a fundamental change, the people of Gaza will face an unprecedented avalanche of human suffering.’

Explosions seen over Gaza City

Explosions have been seen over Gaza City. The Israeli military told the AFP news agency it is ‘continuously striking in the Gaza Strip.’

It is not currently known what has been hit.

IDF warns that Gaza hospitals could ‘lose their protections

The IDF has warned that Gaza hospitals that are being used ‘terror facilities’ by Hamas may soon lose rights afforded to them under international law.

IDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner told Sky News: ‘We’ve been telling people to leave the north of the Gaza Strip, and we’ve made several calls to the al Shifa hospital.

‘Those calls have not been responded to and are not being adhered to.

‘Now we understand why – because Hamas is preventing people from moving, Hamas is limiting their capability.

‘If these actions continue from hospitals under certain conditions, indeed hospitals could lose their protections that they’re entitled to.

Palestinian child wounded in Israeli bombardment is treated in a hospital in Deir al Balah, south of the Gaza Strip, Friday, Oct.27, 2023. ( AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Good evening, here are the key updates so far today

  • The US Ambassador to the United Nations has declared that the world has reached a ‘perilous moment’ in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.
  • The Israeli Defence Forces have claimed that Hamas is using Gaza’s largest hospital ‘as a shield for its underground terror complex’.
  • Hamas rejected the claims and accused Israel of making the allegations to ‘pave the way for a new massacre to be committed against our people’.
  • The United Nations has suggested that war crimes may be being committed by both sides in the war.
  • The death toll in Gaza has risen to over 7,300, including over 3,000 children, the Hamas-run health ministry has said.
  • Gaza’s healthcare system is facing ‘total collapse’ and infectious diseases ‘are increasing at an alarming rate’, charities have warned.

VIDEO: Tel Aviv faces heavy rocket barrage from Hamas with a residential building being hit injuring several people

PICTURED: Protesters clash with Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank following a solidarity demonstration for besieged Palestinians in Gaza

US says a ‘perilous moment’ has been reached in the Israel-Hamas war

The US Ambassador to the United Nations has declared that the world has reached a ‘perilous moment’ in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Linda Thomas-Greenfield stressed: ‘The United States has made clear, in both public and private conversations, that as Israel exercises its right… to defend its people against a terrorist group, it must do so in line with the rules of war.’

Hamas rejects Israel’s claims that it is using hospitals as operation centres

Hamas has hit back at the IDF’s claims that it has turned hospitals into ‘operation centres’ to carry out attacks on Israel.

A senior member of the Hamas political bureau, Izzat al-Rishq, said: ‘There’s no basis in truth in what the spokesman of the enemy army stated.’

He accused Israel of making the allegations to ‘pave the way for a new massacre to be committed against our people’.

Israel is expecting ground invasion ‘will take a long time’, defence minister says

Israel’s defence minister has said a ground invasion of Gaza would include large forces, backed by airstrikes, and ‘will take a long time.’

Yoav Gallant said it would be followed by a third phase of lower-intensity fighting, as Israel destroys ‘pockets of resistance’.

He spoke after fighter jets and drones carried out a second ground raid into Gaza in as many days, striking the outskirts of Gaza City.

ISRAEL - OCTOBER 19: (----EDITORIAL USE ONLY - MANDATORY CREDIT - ISRAELI MINISTRY OF DEFENSE - ARIEL HERMONI / HANDOUT' - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS----) Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant receives information about the operations during his visit to Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border as the clash between Israeli army and Palestinian factions continues in Israel on October 19, 2023. Yoav Gallant on Thursday hinted of starting an expected ground operation in the Gaza Strip soon as he visited troops on the border. (Photo by Israeli Defense Ministry / Ariel Hermoni / Handout/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Chief Rabbi says level of fear among British Jews has not been felt since the end of WWII

Britain’s Chief Rabbi has said that the level fear in the Jewish community now has not been felt since the end of World War II.

Speaking to ITV News, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said ‘many thousands on the streets openly supporting Hamas terrorists’ has caused ‘a lot of anxiety’.

Watch his interview here:

IDF shares video and audio that it claims is evidence Hamas has an operational base beneath Gaza City’s Shifa hospital

Note: The materials shared by the IDF have not been independently verified.

Meta denies censoring pro-Palestine accounts

Meta has denied censoring a pro-Palestine Instagram and Facebook page which shares pictures and videos from Gaza.

The @eye.on.palestine account, which had more than six million followers, became unavailable to view earlier this week.

A spokesperson said: ‘We did not disable these accounts because of any content they were sharing.’

They said Meta had been in touch with the account owners and that they were allowed to reactivate, Sky reports.

However, the accounts are still not active.

Six more aid trucks and medical staff cross into Gaza, the Red Cross says

UN and Human Rights Watch say Gaza death toll published by Hamas is ‘credible’ and ‘reliable’ after Biden cast doubt on figures

  • Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry has been publishing death tolls regularly since Israel began its retaliatory strikes following the October 7 incursion.
  • The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said that the tolls had proved to be ‘credible’ in previous conflicts.
  • Human Rights Watch, which says it has done its own independent verification of Israeli strikes, called the numbers ‘reliable’.
  • US President Joe Biden faced backlash after he said on Wednesday he has ‘no confidence’ in figures.
  • Germany’s foreign ministry said via a spokesman today: ‘We cannot independently verify Hamas information, which is why a certain degree of caution is needed.’

Omar Shakir from Human Rights Watch told Al Jazeera in response:

All this time we’re debating death counts and death tolls the bodies continue to pile up, and the focus for leaders really needs to be on preventing further mass atrocities – not quibbling over numbers

PICTURED: Entire neighbourhoods destroyed by Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip

Breaking: IDF claims Hamas’s main base of operations is under Shifa Hospital in Gaza City

The Israeli Defence Forces have claimed that Hamas is using Gaza’s largest hospital ‘as a shield for its underground terror complex’.

Spokesman Daniel Hagari says the IDF has ‘concrete evidence’ to suggest Shifa hospital in Gaza City is a Hamas base of operations.

At a press conference he said ‘hundreds of terrorists flooded in there after their attack on October 7’.

He said it is ‘one of many’ hospitals being used by the terror group and that they chose it to ‘exploit innocent Gazan civilians as human shields’.

‘Hamas’s use of hospitals is systematic. Precisely because they know Israel distinguishes between civilians and terrorists.’

He said Hamas is committing a war crime by using hospitals and that ‘Israel is putting this red flag to the world’.

He reiterated Israel’s call for Gazan civilians to move south in the enclave ‘for their own safety’.

‘For over two weeks, the IDF has called and continued calling the civilians of northern Gaza and Gaza City to move south to Wadi Gaza.’

Spokesman Hagari says the IDF has 'concrete evidence' to suggest Shifa hospital in Gaza City is a Hamas base of operations.

PICTURED: Smoke towers over wrecked buildings on the Gaza Strip as Israeli airstrikes continue to batter the enclave

Breaking: Negotiations for hostage release are advancing, sources tell Qatari media

Qatari-mediated negotiations for the release of over 220 hostages taken by Hamas are advancing, sources have told Al Jazeera.

VIDEO: Heartbroken Palestinians mourn for their children and loved ones killed in an Israeli airstrike on a Gaza apartment

Gaza healthcare system is facing ‘total collapse’ and infectious diseases ‘are increasing at an alarming rate’, NGO says

Medical Aid for Palestinians has warned that the healthcare system in the Gaza Strip is ‘facing total collapse’.

In an update this afternoon, the non-governmental organisation said:

  • Hospitals are facing ‘dire shortages of vital resources’ like water, fuel, personnel and medicine, forcing 12 to close.
  • 101 medical professionals have been killed and many more displaced from their homes.
  • Shortages of food mean children and pregnant women are at risk of malnutrition.
  • Outbreaks of infectious diseases such as chickenpox, skin diseases and bronchial infections are increasing ‘at an alarming rate’ due to the unavailability of clean water and overcrowding in shelters and hospitals.

PICTURED: Dozens of children and their parents place teddy bears outside the UK foreign office to protest deaths of Gazans and call for a ceasefire

Gaza death toll rises to over 7,300, the Hamas-run health ministry says

At least 7,326 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes, the Hamas-run health ministry reports.

This figure includes 3,083 children who have lost their lives since October 7, it said.

PICTURED: Tel Aviv apartment building hit by rocket from Gaza

  • Rockets hit Tel Aviv this afternoon, with a residential building taking a direct hit.
  • Hamas’s Al-Qasam Brigades have taken responsibility for the rocket barrage.
  • Three people were injured, medical services said, including a 20-year-old man who suffered a moderately serious head injury.
People gather as smoke rises from a residential apartment building after a rocket, fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, landed in Tel Aviv, Israel, October 27, 2023. REUTERS/Itai Ron ISRAEL OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN ISRAEL
A view shows a firefighter working to put out a fire at a residential apartment building after a rocket, fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, landed in Tel Aviv, Israel, October 27, 2023. REUTERS/Tomer Appelbaum ISRAEL OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN ISRAEL
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - OCTOBER 27: Members of the Israel's security service and firefighters work on an apartment building hit by a rocket fired from Gaza on October 27, 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel. In the wake of the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas that left 1,400 dead and 200 kidnapped, Israel launched a sustained bombardment of the Gaza Strip and threatened a ground invasion to vanquish the militant group that governs the Palestinian territory. But the fate of the hostages, Israelis and foreign nationals who are being held by Hamas in Gaza, as well as international pressure over the humanitarian situation in Gaza, have complicated Israel's military response to the attacks. A timeline for a proposed ground invasion remains unclear. (Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
An Israeli emergency worker stands at the window as he surveys the damage to a partially destroyed building following a rocket attack from the Palestinian Gaza Strip, on the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on October 27, 2023, amid the ongoing battles between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. Thousands of civilians, both Palestinians and Israelis, have died since October 7, 2023, after Palestinian Hamas militants based in the Gaza Strip entered southern Israel in an unprecedented attack triggering a war declared by Israel on Hamas with retaliatory bombings on Gaza. (Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP) (Photo by JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

IDF naval commandos carry out raid from the sea on the southern Gaza Strip

The IDF has shared footage of a dramatic raid on southern Gaza which it says successfully destroyed Hamas infrastructure.

Watch the footage here:

UN reveals concern that war crimes are being committed by both Israel and Hamas

The United Nations has suggested that war crimes may be being committed by both sides in the war.

Ravina Shamdasani, the spokeswoman for the UN’s human rights office, said:

We are concerned that war crimes are being committed. We are concerned about the collective punishment of Gazans in response to the atrocious attacks by Hamas, which also amounted to war crimes.

She added that it was for an independent court of law to qualify whether war crimes had been committed.

VIDEO: Desperate Gazans try to force their way into a water station to fill dried-up tanks

Iran’s deputy foreign minister met Hamas representatives in Moscow, Russian state media says

  • Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs met Hamas representatives in Moscow, Russian state news agency Tass said Friday.
  • Iran discussed a ceasefire and providing humanitarian support to Gaza at the meeting, Tass reports.
  • Israel’s foreign ministry slammed Russia’s decision to invite Hamas representatives to Moscow as ‘an act of support of terrorism.’
  • The Kremlin responded by saying that Moscow believes it is necessary to maintain contact with all parties.

PICTURED: Palestinians dig through the wreckage of homes destroyed during Israel’s relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip

US sanctions Hamas and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

  • The US has issued a second round of sanctions on Hamas and assets that help to fund the terror group.
  • An official in Iran and members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are among those being targeted.
  • A Gaza-based entity that Treasury said has served as a conduit for illicit Iranian funds to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group was also targeted.

Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said:

Today’s action underscores the United States’ commitment to dismantling Hamas’s funding networks by deploying our counterterrorism sanctions authorities and working with our global partners to deny Hamas the ability to exploit the international financial system.

U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo speaks at the Royal United Services Institute in London, Britain, October 27, 2023. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

IDF releases disturbing audio clip it claims is of Hamas fighters talking during October 7 terror rampage: ‘Children want to say goodbye to their parents’

PICTURED: Israeli tanks line the border in southern Israel as drones and jets operate in the skies overhead

Convoy of 10 aid trucks expected to enter Gaza along with 10 doctors

  • A convoy of 10 aid trucks containing food, water and medicines is reported to have entered Gaza today.
  • This would bring the total number of trucks that have entered the enclave since the war began to 84.
  • A medical delegation of ten doctors has also made their way into the Palestinian territory, Al Jazeera reports.

World Health Organisation estimates more than 1,000 bodies are under the rubble in Gaza

More than 1,000 bodies are thought to be trapped under the rubble in Gaza.

The estimate was given by World Health Organisation representative Richard Peeperkorn, who said those beneath buildings struck by Israeli airstrikes had not been identified.

The figure is not included in the death toll of over 7,000 – which has been provided by the Hamas-run health ministry.

VIDEO: Southern Israeli city of Sderot is deserted three weeks after Hamas stormed nearby festival

UN agency says ‘soon many more will die’ from Gaza siege

The United Nations warned Friday that ‘many more will die’ as a result of Israel’s ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip.

In his speech this morning, commissioner general for UNRWA Philippe Lazzarini said:

As we speak people in Gaza are dying, they are not only dying from bombs and strikes, soon many more will die from the consequences of (the) siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. Basic services are crumbling, medicine is running out, food and water are running out, the streets of Gaza have started overflowing with sewage.

VIDEO: IDF shares video of strikes on Hamas targets as it says it killed another terrorist commander who took part in sniping attacks

  • The IDF says it has taken out Midhat Mabasher, the commander of the West Khan Yunis Battalion of Hamas.
  • He had been involved in sniping attacks against IDF forces and Israeli settlements, the military said.
  • It struck some 250 Hamas targets in the last 24 hours, including a ‘terrorist tunnel network in Gaza that detonated the secondary explosions.’

IDF shares more information about its ground raid in Gaza

The IDF has shared more information about its ground raid in Gaza overnight.

‘The raid began yesterday in broad daylight, and all the forces I mentioned participated in it as combat forces, and it ended successfully in the hours of this morning,’ a spokesperson said.

PICTURED: Palestinians mourn those killed in Israeli airstrikes on the southern city of Khan Younis – with medics paying their respects to those they weren’t able to save

PICTURED: Aid is delivered to southern Lebanon to help people impacted by cross-border fighting between Hezbollah and Israel

Men load supplies onto a vehicle as people take part in an aid campaign leaving from Beirut to southern Lebanon, to help displaced people impacted by the tension between Hezbollah and Israel, in Beirut, Lebanon, October 27, 2023. REUTERS/Amr Alfiky
Men move supplies as people take part in an aid campaign leaving from Beirut to southern Lebanon, to help displaced people impacted by the tension between Hezbollah and Israel, in Beirut, Lebanon, October 27, 2023. REUTERS/Amr Alfiky

Israel claims missile that hit Egypt was ‘aerial threat’ in Red Sea

The IDF said that an ‘aerial threat’ had been spotted in the Red Sea region and linked it to a projectile that landed on Egyptian coastal territory.

Egypt’s army spokesperson said that an unidentified drone crashed this morning near a hospital building in the town of Taba, near the Sinai Peninsula border with Israel, injuring six people.

Shortly after, reports emerged via Egyptian media that an ‘unidentified body’ fell near an electricity plant in the resort town of Nuweiba on the Sinai Peninsula – about an hour south of Taba.

Eight more aid trucks are expected to arrive in Gaza today

A small convoy of around eight aid trucks is expected to enter the Gaza Strip later today, according to the UN agency for Palestine.

‘We have gotten in approximately 74 trucks. We’re expecting another eight or so today,’ Lynn Hastings said.

It comes shortly after the head of UNRWA said that the ‘handful’ of trucks that had passed through the Rafah crossing from Egypt ‘will not reverse the fact that Gaza is being strangled.’

PICTURED: Towers of smoke rise above border areas in Lebanon as Israel continues to trade fire with Hezbollah

57 UN agency workers killed in Gaza bombardment, chief says

The head of UNRWA, the UN agency operating in Gaza, said 57 of his colleagues have been killed since the war began.

Philippe Lazzarini said that 15 of the agency’s workers had been killed in one day.

‘One of our colleagues two days ago died while he was going to the bakery to get bread. He left six children behind, six displaced children in shelter.’

PICTURED: Moving display shows Israelis believed to have been kidnapped during Hamas’s October 7 attack – as confirmed hostage number rises

Hamas says it needs time to find all the hostages it abducted from Israel

Hamas needs to locate where all the hostages it kidnapped from Israel are, according to an official.

During a trip to Russia, Abu Hamid told the Kommersant newspaper that the group has always been willing to release civilians, but ‘needs time to find them.’

He said that hostages are being held by various groups in the enclave and that it needs a ceasefire to retrieve and release them.

Breaking: Number of hostages confirmed taken by Hamas rises to 229, Israel says

UNRWA: Aid trucks are a ‘distraction’ and ‘will not make a difference’ to the two million people in Gaza

The chief of the UN agency operating in Gaza has said the small amount of aid being allowed into the enclave is insufficient.

Philippe Lazzarini said that while the trucks being allowed through had initially given a ‘glimmer of hope’, they are now a ‘distraction’.

He said they will not make a difference to the roughly 2 million people in need and that it is ‘not true that the siege is lifted’.

So far, just 74 trucks have been received by the Palestinian Red Crescent via the Rafah border.

‘This will not reverse the fact that Gaza is being strangled,’ Mr Lazzarini said.

More than 480 people killed by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza overnight, Hamas-run health ministry says

  • At least 481 people have been killed in Gaza by Israel airstrikes, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.
  • A total of 7,028 Palestinians have been killed in just three weeks, the authority has said.
  • A list of 6,747 of the victims, including their names, ages and gender, has been released.
  • It came after Joe Biden sparked outrage by casting doubt on the figures, saying he had ‘no confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using.’

PICTURED: Fires rage and buildings are razed to the ground by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City

Israel’s Defence Forces carry out second overnight ground raid on Hamas targets in Gaza

  • The IDF gave an operational update this morning, revealing it had conducted its second ground incursion on Gaza in as many days.
  • The military said its ground troops, fighter jets and UAVs struck anti-tank missile launch sites, command and control centres and Hamas terrorist operatives.
  • ‘The troops exited the area and no injuries were reported,’ it said.

Watch footage of the ground raid and aerial strikes here:

Good morning and welcome to today’s live blog

Follow along for live updates as the Israel-Palestine war enters its 21st day.

Here is what happened yesterday and overnight:

  • Israel’s army says its ground forces backed by fighter jets and drones carried out a ‘targeted raid’ in Gaza.
  • A Hamas spokesman stormed out of a BBC interview after being asked how the terrorists justified the killing of Israeli families on October 7.
  • Two Iranian-controlled sites in eastern Syria were hit by US airstrikes in retaliation for attacks on American bases in Syria and Iraq.
  • Iran’s Foreign Minister said at the UN that if Israel’s offensive against Hamas does not end it will ‘not be spared from this fire’.
  • EU leaders have demanded ‘humanitarian corridors and pauses’ as Israel continues to bombard Gaza with airstrikes.
Key Updates

  • Gaza death toll rises to over 7,300, the Hamas-run health ministry says
  • UN reveals concern that war crimes are being committed by both Israel and Hamas
  • Hamas says it needs time to find all the hostages it abducted from Israel
  • Number of hostages confirmed taken by Hamas rises to 229, Israel says
  • More than 480 people killed by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza overnight, Hamas-run health ministry says
  • Israel’s Defence Forces carry out second overnight ground raid on Hamas targets in Gaza


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