Megyn Kelly has claimed Americans do not want to vote for Joe Biden because they aren’t enthused about electing ‘a near corpse’.

The journalist on Tuesday addressed a Wall Street Journal poll, published on Sunday, which put Biden and Donald Trump neck-and-neck at 46 percent each.

Kelly pointed out 73 percent of all voters told the pollsters they feel Biden, 80, is too old to seek a second term. Two thirds of Democrats said they felt he was two old.

Only 40 percent said that Trump, 77, is too old to run again. Kelly said the poll showed voters were not ageist, but simply felt Biden was too old.

‘The voters are not ableist, they’re not ageist,’ she said. ‘They’re taking people on a case by case basis and they see a vibrant man in Trump and they see a near corpse – forgive me, but it’s true – in Biden.’

Joe Biden, pictured on Sunday, is 80

Donald Trump, seen on Sunday, is 77

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both pictured on Sunday: Biden, 80, in Delaware and Trump, 77, in New York City

Kelly’s guest Eliana Johnson, editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, said Biden was refusing to step aside because he thought other Democrats would lose the election.

‘I think Biden thinks he’s the only person who can beat Trump in 2024,’ said Johnson.

‘I don’t think he thinks Kamala Harris can do it. And I don’t think the Democratic party thinks Kamala Harris can do it. And I think that’s why you see the reluctance from Biden to see the stage and open a primary.

‘I think Democrats really worry that they don’t have somebody ready to go along the sidelines, partially because there would be deference to Kamala Harris.’

Megyn Kelly on Tuesday said on her podcast that voters disliked Joe Biden's re-election bid because they did not want to vote for a 'corpse'

Megyn Kelly on Tuesday said on her podcast that voters disliked Joe Biden’s re-election bid because they did not want to vote for a ‘corpse’

Kelly accepted that most voters were not excited by the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024.

‘But Trump, he does have huge numbers within his own party,’ she said.

‘Yet Joe Biden has got his fingers in his ears, and his eyes closed, and is pretending there is no opposition.’

The survey showed a 26 percent margin between those who think Biden is too old and those who think Trump is too old to serve another term.

The Wall Street Journal poll, taken from August 24-30, showed that only 36 percent of the 1,500 voters surveyed think Biden is mentally fit for office, while 46 percent think Trump is mentally competent for the job.

Author Franklin Foer, who wrote a biography on Biden’s first two years in office, said Sunday he wouldn’t be ‘totally shocked’ if the President ended up dropping out of the race before the end of the year.

When asked Sunday by NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd how he would react if Biden decided not to complete his 2024 bid, Foer said: ‘It would be a surprise to me. 

‘But it wouldn’t be a total surprise.’

The author, who had ‘unparalleled access’ to Biden and his inner circle, according to publisher Penguin Random House, noted that ‘one of the primary insecurities’ of the president ‘is that he does not want to be perceived as stupid.’

Biden announced in late April his bid for a second term with Vice President Kamala Harris – but questions have emerged in the last year over whether the President is too old or too unfit to serve for four more years.

Only 40 percent of respondents in the WSJ poll say that Biden has a strong record of accomplishments. But 51 percent say the same about Trump’s first term.

Infrastructure is the only area of policy where American voters approve of Biden’s job performance. 

Meanwhile, their disapproval outweighs approval in areas including economy, inflation and cost of living, border security, China and the war in Ukraine.

Age has become a central theme in the 2024 race for president, with candidate Nikki Haley proposing earlier this year that there should be an age limit on those who can run for the White House. She said 75 would be a good cap.

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