Reagan, who was born 11 weeks premature, came into this world weighing just 1lb, while her sister Mila weighed much more, 2lb 13oz.

Although Reagan is now 19 months old, she still looks tiny compared to Mila, who weighs twice as much and is three times her size.

Mum Audrieanna Lambert, 33, said it was a miracle Reagan was alive at all, considering the stern warnings from medical experts during pregnancy. At 20 weeks, Reagan’s growth stopped, raising fears for her survival.

Born via a c-section in December 2021, both twins faced challenges of their own. Mila had to spend 45 days in West Penn Hospital in Pennsylvania, US before she could return home.

Reagan’s battle was more intense, as she battled sepsis for 118 days before she was finally reunited with her sister. 

Despite their different paths and sizes, both twins are now thriving. Mila currently weighs 20lbs 8oz and Reagan 13lbs 7oz.

The size contrast is evident in their clothing: little Reagan wears clothes for a three-month-old baby, while Mila fits comfortably in outfits ranging from 12 to 18 months.

Remarkably, both twins are already walking and talking, and Audrieanna said strangers “can’t believe they are twins”.

Audrieanna, a claims specialist, said: “Mila towers over Reagan. They are both excellent.

“Despite her size, Reagan is walking and exceeds expectations. I still get questions – people say ‘wait, are they twins?’

“They ask how close they are in age and are shocked when they find out they are twins.

“People are stunned to see Reagan walking – as she looks too small for a baby who can walk.”

Audrieanna and her husband Chase, who had been struggling with pregnancy for years, conceived through IVF in June 2021.

During the pregnancy, they learned they were expecting twins, but baby B – Reagan – was initially short, raising fears for her survival.

At 15 weeks, Reagan regained growth, but by 20 weeks she was lagging behind again and was 18 percent smaller than her sister. Doctors were unsure of Reagan’s chances of survival at that point.

At 24 weeks, they received devastating news: Reagan’s size had decreased by 50 percent and she was having problems with umbilical cord flow, suggesting she would not survive more than two weeks.

Audrieanna said: “They were certain she wouldn’t make it because everything they knew medically told them she wouldn’t. I was devastated.”

But the 26-week scan, Reagan’s heart was still beating, and Audrieanna was closely monitored at West Penn Hospital from 27 weeks.

However, at 29 weeks, Reagan’s umbilical cord flow was disrupted, requiring an emergency caesarean section.

The twins were born on December 10, 2021, at 16.32pm, with Mila weighing 2lbs 13oz and Reagan 1lb at 16.33pm.

Both babies were immediately transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for specialised care.

She said: “When I saw Reagan, she was so small she could fit in your hand. I knew she was going to be tiny, but she was still so much smaller than I had imagined.

“Mila was three times the size. But Reagan was fully developed despite how minuscule she was. We were finally allowed to hold them when they were five days old.

“It was magical, but they were so delicate and tiny.”

Reagan battled sepsis and was transferred to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Mila recovered well and was strong enough to go home in January 2022, after 45 days in hospital.

“It was so lovely to have Mila home but so hard to have to keep travelling back and forth to see her sister and for them not to be together,” Audrieanna said.

Reagan spent another three months in hospital, receiving blood transfusions to help her grow so she could finally come home in April 2022.

Now 19 months old, the twins are hitting their milestones.

Reagan is walking and can say 15 words, while Mila is running and has a vocabulary of 60 words.

Audrieanna said: “She’s pretty awesome. Her walking isn’t perfect but she’s very independent. Mila runs everywhere.

“She’s Reagan’s biggest cheerleader. If Reagan does something new, Mila’s face lights up.”

The twins shock strangers at their size difference but Audrieanna is delighted the pair will be able to go to nursery and school together. 

She is expecting a third girl in October 2023 with Chase.

She said: “They kiss my belly. The newborn will probably be in the same clothes as Reagan and will outgrow her. We’re so excited.”

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